Cinema Screening Training: Screening Scheduling

film_noirSome of you may wonder how they pick the movies that play each semester. The days of the week actually play a part. On Mondays there are no screenings scheduled. The Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday screenings often follow a pattern. Many times a certain day of the week is set aside for a specific class’s curriculum. For instance, next semester’s Tuesday screenings will all be for a class on Film Noir. This current semester’s Wednesday screenings are for a class on the Cold War. These screenings are always open to the public and students will often be required to attend for their class. Screenings for classes are called Lab Screenings. (This sounds like more fun than a Science Lab! Sorry, Science professors!)

Sometimes the day of the week will be dedicated to a retrospective. A particular artist or genre will be showcased. So perhaps future Wednesday screenings can be a retrospective of the Police Academy saga, or perhaps the films of Nicolas Cage (just a suggestion).

The weekend (Friday and Saturday) is mostly for current films that may draw a larger crowd then the older films shown during the week. These tend to be films that won’t be shown at the local multiplex and the Browning is the only theatre in the area showing them.  Sunday films are only scheduled in the afternoon and they tend to be geared towards families. This semester’s Sunday films have all been Disney classics. This happens to cover two grounds: family screenings, plus a class on Disney films.

Special screenings also have certain days of the week attached to them. MET Operas are all on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. National Theatre Live performances are on Thursday nights and sometimes Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Add in all the other special screenings (Universal Pre-Screenings, guest artists, etc.) that come up and that gives you a full slate of films! Something for everyone to enjoy!