Cinema Screening Training: Cinema Usher Positions

Here are the duties for the specific positions during a Cinema shift:

Cinema Greeter

  • Positioned inside the center’s main doors.
  • Direct patrons to the appropriate location.
  • Keep the Ticket Office line from blocking the main entrance.
  • Remain in position for a minimum of 10 minutes after the screening begins.

Door E or F Ticket Scanner (Plus Door A for MET Opera)

  • Positioned at the outer doors.
  • Check the ticket to ensure that each patron enters the correct venue, door, and performance (date and time).
  • Scan the ticket. If the ticket will not scan, tear the ticket stub, keep the smaller portion, and give the larger portion back to the patron.
  • Remain scanning tickets until 10 minutes after the screening begins. (Note* if a Student Usher is outside the venue after doors close, they can resume responsibly of scanning late patrons.)
  • Tear ticket stubs while inside the venue then give stubs to the projectionist on duty following the screening.

Inside Attendant

  • Assist patrons entering the venue.
  • Encourage patrons to use the handrail on the stairs.
  • Wait in the back of the venue 10 minutes after the screening has begun then sit in the lowest seats of the cinema in order to be the evacuation usher in the event of an emergency.

Now everyone is hopefully all refreshed on Cinema ushering. If you have any questions about what to do during a Cinema shift, please let us know. Thanks!