Cinema Screening Training: Cinema Screening Perks


Let’s review our Cinema Screening perks. As you know ushers have perks during their screening shifts and as a patron at other screenings. Here are the details:



These are our Cinema Concessions perks:

  • Either while working or as a patron the ushers are allowed One (1) free movie soda and Two (2) free popcorn boxes (*note that this will go back to 1 box when the bigger popcorn boxes return in stock).
  • For ushers working the shift, once the screening has begun and 10 minutes has passed, you can obtain your complimentary popcorn and soda.  Please take turns as to make sure one usher is always inside the venue to supervise patrons.
  • For ushers attending as a patron, please get your concessions and eat your popcorn and drink your soda, wherever and whenever you want! (…within reason, of course)

The following are the current Cinema Screening ticket perks:

  • Two (2) free tickets to most cinema screenings; some exceptions apply.
  • Two (2) free tickets to most MET Opera  performances, but only on day of Opera and only if ticket sales aren’t approaching sellout.
  • Two (2) free tickets to most National Theatre Live Encore performances.  (If no Encore is shown, ushers may obtain Live screening tickets.)

Here is the criteria for redeeming complimentary Cinema Screening tickets:

  • We ask that you pick up tickets for screenings only on the day of the screening in order to allow paying patrons to have the first opportunity.
  • If you get complimentary tickets for a screening, please use them or return them to the Ticket Office.
  • The cinema shift must be filled before ushers receive complimentary tickets.
  • To redeem all tickets, please show the DPAC Perks Card to the Ticket Office.