Cinema Screening Training: Cell Phone Use

cell phoneIn addition to scanning tickets and greeting customers, the ushers need to make sure that some patrons aren’t ruining the cinema experience for others. Once the screening starts we know it’s easy to sit back and just watch the movie but please remember that we are there to work and keep that in mind while at the same time enjoying the film.

We know these days almost everyone has a cell phone and it’s hard to keep people from using them. Patrons may glance at the clock on their phone, or read a text, so please use your best judgment whether this patron is going to be a distraction to the rest of the audience. If you see anyone continuously texting or talking please let them know to either put their phone away or do what they need to do on the phone outside the theater.

In order to help facilitate this, if one usher can please walk up and down a side aisle just ONCE during the screening. This may not deter all cell phone usage but it will at least make patrons aware that someone is watching and that they should behave.

Before the screening you can decide which usher will be the one to do this. Please don’t walk all the way across the front of the theater, just stay on one side so you aren’t too much of a distraction. Hopefully this will add to helping us improve the cinematic experience for all! Thanks!