ADA Training- Service Animals

servicedogNormal policy states that animals aren’t allowed in our building (hopefully the mice can read this!), but some ADA patrons may require a service dog to assist them. The dog will be wearing a vest designating them as a service dog. A student usher or house manager will accompany the patron (and doggie!) to the assigned ADA spots in the venue. If you see a patron with an animal in the building that is not being escorted, please let a house manager or student house manager know and we will take care of it.

Sometimes a patron may come in with what is considered a therapy dog. These dogs are for emotional support for the patron, but do not have the specific training service dogs have so they do not meet the ADA requirements. These dogs are technically not allowed in the venue so please get a house manager to speak with the patron.

Lastly, since the service dogs do have special training and have to be alert and ready to assist the ADA patron at all times, please do not pet the animals. We know it’s hard not to, but please save the love for your pets at home. That dog is on the job!

service doggie