ADA Training- Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Set_840_S_and_Set_840_TV.ashxALDs help ADA patrons with hearing disabilities to better hear the performance. We keep these devices in a cabinet in Coat Check. If a patron asks you for one of these devices please contact either the House Manager or the Student House Manager and they will retrieve one for the patron. As these devices are quite costly, we’ll have the patron sign out the ALD and we’ll take a form of ID from them and take down their seat number. At the end of the show the Student House Manager will get the ALD back from the patron and return their ID.

The venues that utilize these are those that have sound systems installed. That would be the Leighton, the Decio, the Philbin and the Browning. Since there is no sound system in the Reyes, these devices will not work here.

To use these devices first you press the Power button. While inside the venue you then press the channel button. This has to be done inside the venue so the device can connect to the sensor. It is important to avoid all obstructions and have a clear path to the sensor so the device has to be kept out and not in a jacket, a purse, or pocket. The patron can then use the dial to choose the desired volume. Many patrons who request these have used one before but it’s good to be familiar with the process in case any problems come up during the shift.