ADA Training- ASL Interpreters

aslThis section of ADA training will deal with ASL Interpreters. ASL stands for American Sign Language and we use the ASL interpreters for ADA patrons who require their services. We provide ASL interpreters for every Presenting Series performance that incorporates spoken word, such as our children’s programs and LA Theatre Works performances.

For these performances the interpreter will stand in front of the stage on the side closest to were the patrons needing ASL interpretation are sitting. Generally in the Leighton that would be House LEFT (In front of stage, down Door B aisle) and in the Decio it would be House RIGHT (In front of stage, down Door B aisle). For these performances the Ticket Office holds certain seats for the ADA patrons to be able to purchase.

The ASL interpreters usually arrive during house open so if one approaches you to let you know that they are here, please call the house manager and we will escort them backstage.