Evacuation Procedures


How Does DPAC Ensure Patron Safety?

  • The center enforces strict measures regarding live flames or pyrotechnics.
  • Exit signs are visible and illuminated in all venues.
  • Aisles must remain clear.
  • The building is equipped with smoke and heat detectors and sprinklers throughout.
  • When the fire alarm is activated, the NDFD is instantaneously alerted.

What Should Ushers Do Immediately?

  • For each venue, know the locations of at least two exits.
  • Be familiar with your seating “zones.”
  • At all times remain calm yet be assertive.
  • Use large gestures and a loud voice to direct patrons out and away from the building.
  • Walk, don’t run, when exiting.
  • If your designated entrance is safe, proceed with the evacuation.  If not, use an alternate exit.
  • Allow able-bodied patrons to exit first.
  • Close but do not lock doors behind you.
  • Use only stairs, not the elevator.

What Is Your Role At Your Position?

  • To encourage the patrons within your zone to follow you through the closest door to the safest exit:  “Everyone, please follow me this way.”
  • Instruct ADA patrons that “someone will be here in a moment to assist you.”  Communicate this immediately to your House Manager.
  • During non-evacuation scenarios, monitor your zone throughout a performance for photography and other unacceptable behavior.

LEIGHTON Evacuation Plans

Leighton Evacuation Zones 1st Floor

Leighton Evacuation Zones 2nd Floor

DECIO Evacuation Plans

Decio Evacuation Zones 1st Floor

Decio Evacuation Zones 2nd Floor

Procedures For Other Venues

  • For the Browning Cinema:     Exit patrons out Doors A & B to the West Doors.        Alternate Route – Doors E & F
  • For the Philbin:  Exit patrons through Door A & B.     Alternate Route – Backstage exits
  • For the Reyes Organ Hall: Exit patrons through Door A.     Alternate Route – Backstage exit

Once Outside Building:

  • Instruct patrons to move at least 100 feet away from the building.
  • Stay off and away from sidewalks, drives, and streets.
  • Keep the East Dock parking lot clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Inform a House Manager of any known persons needing extra assistance and their location.
  • Never allow anyone back inside the building to retrieve belongings.
  • Remain calm and patient waiting for the all-clear from NDFD.

Common Evacuation Mistakes

  • Patrons will exit through the door where they entered causing a traffic jam.
  • Patrons begin to run or push others.
  • Patrons want to retrieve their valuables or coats from coat check.
  • Patrons not trusting that someone will get them to a safe location.