Emergency Procedures

Notre Dame Security Police and Fire Department respond to 24-hour safety needs for our community through police services, fire suppression, and emergency medical services delivery. To reach emergency services dial 631-5555 or 911 from any landline phone.

During emergencies, ushers should remain calm and follow announcements as well as House Management instructions. Please place your own safety first by removing yourself from life-threatening situations.


Familiarize yourself with the exit closest to your usher zone prior to going on the floor to work. Should you hear an announcement or alarm to evacuate the building, use large gestures and a loud voice, to direct patrons out and away from the building. Once outside, instruct patrons to move at least 100 feet away from the building.

Wait for instructions from House Management before re-entering the building. Ushers should return to their posts upon re-entry.


In the event of a fire or a fire alarm, please calmly exit the center – directing patrons out and away from the building. Do not re-enter the building until House Management gives the “all clear.”

Medical Emergencies

Should any patron need medical assistance, contact the House Manager immediately. Stay with the patron and send another usher or patron, if necessary, to get the House Manager. If a patron is involved in a minor accident but insists he or she does not need assistance, report the incident to the house manager.  First aid kits are available in Coat Check and the Usher Locker Room, as well as other locations throughout the building, available upon request.

Weather Emergencies

In the event of a weather emergency, follow announcements and direct patrons to designated locations if necessary.

Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, follow announcements and direct patrons out of the venue, if necessary. Flashlights are available in Guest Services or the usher locker room.

Additional Information

For additional information about emergency procedures, please see the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center Emergency Action Plan, available in many locations at the center, including the Usher Locker Room and the House Manager’s office.


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