Game Day Mass Ushers

What time will mass begin?

For post-game masses, the start time is 30 minutes following the last second of the game.

For pre-game masses, a time will be determined by Campus Ministry.

Where can ushers park?

For post-game masses, ushers should arrive on campus during halftime of the football game, and for this reason require NO PASSES whatsoever for entry.  At this time, parking attendants will not be stopping vehicles entering campus.  From there, find any open space in  the Stayer lot northeast of the center and the lot directly east of our building. If a parking attendant would happen to stop you simply inform them of your role as a volunteer usher for the mass at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

For pre-game masses, parking options will be determined and communicated to ushers.

How do ushers gain entry into the Performing Arts Center?

Because the building is locked to prevent crowds of people using our facility unattended, the north and south vestibules of the building will be checked at 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00.  The pre-game times will depend on the Mass start time. If it’s raining outside please know you CAN always access the vestibule of the center; it’s the INNER doors which remain locked.

What do ushers wear?

Ushers should wear their uniform.  Student ushers may need to stow their uniform prior to game day in the Usher Locker Room.  (Swipe access is denied on game days so stowing uniforms at this time isn’t recommended.)

When ushers arrive early, where should they go?

The Notre Dame game is typically being played inside the Browning Cinema, and ushers are invited to watch until the briefing begins.

What is my role during mass?

Ushers will perform their usual roles of greeting and seating patrons.  The seats aren’t assigned, just like at a regular mass, so please ask patrons to fill in as we anticipate a large crowd.

Then during the mass, ushers will continue to help patrons find seats and assist with the offertory baskets. Each usher will be assigned a location and specific rows to pass along the baskets. You will given these assignments during the briefing. Following the collection, each usher with a basket will bring it back to the usher locker room and place the monies in a container that will be collected by NDSP immediately following offertory.

Finally, our ushers will help the Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion (aka Eucharistic Minister)  find their distribution location, and guide patrons out of rows for Eucharist distribution. Distribution maps will be passed out during the briefing covering the number of rows you are serving and which rows we will have reserved to use as pass-through rows.

Do ushers need to be Catholic?

No, all are welcome and encouraged. If you are not familiar with the Catholic Mass we will go over the order of events in the briefing. We ask all ushers who are familiar with the mass to please lend a hand as well.

Last year several ushers who are Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion, performed their duties at Communion. We hope to use these ushers again in this position, but any ushers who didn’t work a mass last year and are Extraordinary Ministers please let us know and we will use your services during the mass.

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