Sub Request Procedures

Sub Requests

If your time commitments have changed and you need a sub, please request for a fellow student to take your shift.  Remember to title your email subject for your sub requests in the following manner:

DPAC: SUB REQUEST for Month/Day/Time

To help out the department, please follow the following procedure when looking for a sub:

  • Do NOT decline the shift until a replacement has been found.
  • Send out a sub request immediately when you realize there is a conflict in your schedule.
  • If a replacement is found, decline the shift to allow your replacement to assign him/herself.
  • If it goes unfilled, send another sub request (in a couple weeks if the event is still far out).
  • If it goes unfilled and the event is within two weeks, send another 2+ days prior to the event.
  • If still unfilled, email at least 72 hours before the shift to get phone numbers to make calls to ushers.
  • Email at least 48 hours prior to shift if you cannot work and cannot find a replacement.

Shift Requests

If you would like more hours, please send out a shift plea outlining what shifts you can pick up from a fellow usher. Please email any schedule changes to Remember to title your email subject for your shift requests in the following manner: DPAC: SHIFT REQUEST FOR MORE HOURS

Who Do I E-mail?

Depending on your student qualifications, you will see any (or all) of the following options when trying to send a sub request: If you are qualified for a position, you also see all the options for lower qualifications. (Example: Student house managers can see all student runner shifts because they are trained as student runners before they can be a student house manager.) Here are the qualifications from highest to lowest, which relate to sending out sub requests.

  1. All Students – For veteran students to email sub requests.
  2. Rookie Students – For a short period during the training process, use this button to send emails to fellow new ushers.

If you are ever unsure to whom you send your sub request, it is always best to send an email to ALL STUDENTS.



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