How Students are Scheduled

On an approximate two-week basis, student ushers will be sent a document to fill out and return to Guest Services in order for us to learn of academic conflicts and performance preferences.  Known to our students as “preferences and conflicts,” this information is very helpful in order to place you in shifts which match your schedule.  If a conflict would arise following the completion of this document, it is the student usher’s responsibility to find a replacement usher for his/her shift.

Mandatory Dates

Due to the nature of a performing arts center, our student ushers are expected to be aware of important dates happening in the center. These dates include training dates, mandatory work dates, required break dates, busy run dates, and gathering dates. Students are also expected to participate in their student reviews which happen intermittently throughout the school year.

Training Dates

This is the run-down of all typical training that occurs at the center. Training days may also be added.

  • Return Usher Refresher Training – Monday before Fall Semester starts (all returning ushers)
  • Cinema Concessions Training – In September (select returning ushers)
  • New Usher Training – In September (all new ushers)
  • On the Job New Usher Training – Throughout first semester (all new ushers)
  • On the Job Main Concessions Training – Throughout second semester (all ushers)
  • Runner Training – In January (all ushers)
  • Student House Manager Training – In January (select ushers)

Mandatory Work Dates

These are the dates in which all student ushers are required to be available. Exceptions are only made for academic concerns. These are dates where we expect students to stay in town and that they put working at the center as their priority over social activities and visits. Due to the live nature of a performing arts center, more mandatory work dates may be scheduled throughout the year. These also include historical dates in which we are very busy at the center and expect student ushers to be able to work multiple days and possibly multiple shifts in one day.

  • All training dates are mandatory
  • Monday before start of fall semester classes
  • Weekend before last day of fall semester classes (from Thursday-Sunday)
  • Game Day Mass (1 game requirement)
  • Reading days weekend of fall semester (from Thursday-Sunday)
  • Monday before start of spring semester classes
  • Weekend before the last day of spring semester classes (from Thursday-Sunday)
  • Reading days weekend of spring semester (from Thursday-Sunday)
  • Mother’s Day Weekend (from Friday-Sunday)
  • Commencement Weekend, typically the weekend after Mother’s day weekend (from Friday-Sunday)
  • Shakespeare Opening Run

Required Break Dates

Due to the nature of a performing arts center environment, we ask that our students choose two of the following dates to return to campus early or leave campus late during the University breaks so that they may work at the center.

  • First fall break weekend
  • Last fall break weekend
  • Thanksgiving break weekend
  • Saturday after fall semester finals
  • First spring break weekend
  • Last fall break weekend
  • Easter break weekend

Gathering Dates

These are not required dates, but are typical annual occurrences:

  • Ice Cream Social – Second day of new usher training of Fall Semester
  • Usher Christmas Dinner – Monday of last week of classes or finals
  • Hot Chocolate Party – Monday before classes of Spring Semester

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