TIP OF THE WEEK: MET Opera Patron Etiquette aka METiquette!

Over the years, we have fielded numerous complaints about food consumption during the Met Operas. As more of these comments come in, we fell it needs a little attention! There’s only so much we can do to make people eat quieter, so we’ve made a list of guidelines that encompasses general Opera viewing etiquette. This list is now on the back of the programs. We don’t expect the ushers to relay all of these things to all of the patrons, so we felt the program may be the best way.

The main things we can do to help is, if we see patrons bringing in popcorn, let them know to please refrain from eating the popcorn during the Opera, only during the intermissions. In addition, if they have any food that may have a noisy wrapper, ask them to please unwrap it before the Opera begins or open it during the intermissions. We will let our student concessions workers also help with this.

Here below is what is now in the program:

Thank you for supporting The Met: Live in HD at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.  To ensure a quality experience for all of our patrons, we ask that you please recognize the following guidelines for etiquette during the broadcast:

1. Please arrive on time for the performance. Late arrivals can be disruptive to other patrons. 

2. Please silence all electronic devices including cell phones and tablets. Please refrain from sending or checking text messages during the performance. 

3. Recording the broadcast is strictly prohibited.

4. During the performance, please refrain from talking, humming or tapping along with the music.

5. Applause is encouraged at the following moments in the performance:

–        As the conductor arrives onstage to begin the overture

–        The conclusion of the overture or an aria

–        The conclusion of an act

–        During a curtain call

6. Concessions will be served during The Met: Live in HD broadcasts from our concessions stand.

–        If you purchase popcorn, please do not eat during the performance. Please enjoy your popcorn purchase during intermission breaks.

–        If you purchase candy, please unwrap your purchase before the performance begins or during intermissions.

–        Beverages may be enjoyed during the performance. Please consume your beverages quietly. 

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy the performance.


There you have it!


TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Usher Entrance for Thursday’s 10/19 Sorin Performance!

This note is for this Thursday’s Sorin ushers. The University’s Board of Trustees are in attendance for this event and will be having a special dinner in our lobby before the Sorin performance. Our client requested that we keep the lobby as clear as possible during the dinner. As you will be arriving at 6:30 PM (or earlier), the dinner will be underway. We ask that you enter the building a new and exciting way! We will be unlocking the WEST doors for your entrance. If you recall from usher safety training, the WEST doors are outside the Leighton backstage where we exit to go to the Donor Wall.

There is a side walk that leads to the West Doors from Holy Cross Dr. which is on the North side of DPAC (where we normally enter). Please take this sidewalk and enter through these doors (again…on the west side of the building). You will then see the backstage of the Leighton and the Penote. Then please enter the Leighton stage and go down the stage stairs into the Leighton main floor. Then please enter the Usher Locker Room through the Leighton Door B vestibule. (You know, the RED door.). We’ll have the doors to the Leighton backstage and the red door to the Usher Locker Room open to make it as easy as we can for you.

Note for the early greeter and coat check worker: since your call time is at 5:15 PM, you can enter the normal way, as the Trustees will not be in the building yet.

Thanks to all of you for your help with this!

TIP OF THE WEEK: To Eat or Not To Eat- Reception Food

Just wanted to put out a reminder that when we have events with receptions to please refrain from eating the delicious reception food while on duty. The other evening a client witnessed some of our student ushers doing this and needless to say, it doesn’t look good on our end. Sometimes clients order more than enough food, but sometimes it’s less and every piece is needed for the invited guests. Our clients will let us know beforehand if the staff and ushers can take part in the reception after the guests have finished. If we are allowed to partake, we ask that you remove your usher vest before eating and enjoy. Thanks!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: More Parking Stuff

This week Parking Services let us know that due to the changes in the Walsh Architecture Lot (where the new paid Visitor Lot is), the guard gates aren’t issuing weekday passes for this lot. They will issue passes for the Compton Lot and the Joyce Lot (which is across the street from the Compton Lot). Note this is only for shifts that start before 4:00 PM on a weekday.

These lots are quite the hike, but if you’d like, you can catch a Cardinal Shuttle from the Joyce and Compton lots and they will take you right to the building. The buses run weekdays from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Every 15 minutes they stop at the bus shelter at the Compton Lot. I know many times you may just miss the bus or be waiting for the entire time it takes to walk over. But I have been told by riders that if you see a shuttle on your walk, you can flag it down and it will stop for you and drop you off at DPAC. Plus you can take it from DPAC to your lot. That’s what they tell me, so please test it out and enjoy the ride!

TIP OF THE WEEK: 10/3 NBC Universal Sneak Peek Feature!





This Tuesday night (October 3rd) brings us the ridiculously titled: Happy Death Day. It is a Universal Sneak Peek and will be released in theatres on October 13th. In case you were curious, Happy Death Day is like Groundhog Day but as a horror movie! A woman keeps reliving the same day of her murder. Each time, she tries to piece together who her killer is and how to stop it from happening. There you go!

As it is a sneak preview, it is for ND students only and the Ticket Office will be handing out tickets one hour prior for a 8:00 PM start. The ushers for the event come at 6:45 PM so they are on the floor during ticket distribution in case there are long lines to manage. With a title like Happy Death Day, you never know!

Also since this is an advance screening, there is a representative in-house who is hired by Universal to make sure that nobody is recording the movie. So if you’re working this event, please help this associate and make sure you’re enforcing our no photo/video policy. Thanks and enjoy the movie…if you dare!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Visitor Parking Update

Last week I mentioned that the area of the Walsh Architecture Lot to the west (and closest to the architecture building construction) is now a paid visitor lot. The entrance for this lot is at the end of the building construction area. I mentioned that it has a pay station, so this is different from paid visitor lots that we have had in the past. Instead of having a gate that you get a ticket from and pay on your way out, this lot is open. So if you are working a weekday shift (between 7am-4pm), please don’t park here accidentally since there is no gate. If you don’t buy a ticket, you’ll get a ND Parking Ticket! So if you are using the Walsh Architecture Lot (formally Lot C) during weekdays, please use the entrance to this lot that is further down and park in any open spot. There you have it!