TIP OF THE WEEK: MyVolunteerPage Change!

You may have noticed that when you were seeing ushers’ sub-requests lately, the email you get says their name and is followed by: “(Click here to send an email to all VOLUNTEERS)”. Since this seemed strange, we asked Better Impact (the folks behind MyVolunteerPage) and they informed us that they made a change that added the committee name to each email. Though in our case, the committee name you are all on was called “Click here to send an email to all VOLUNTEERS” as we were using it to give instructions. (Apparently, most Better Impact customers would have their committee’s name as just “Volunteers” or “Student”, etc.) We have changed that, so when you are sending sub-requests it will now say: “(To all VOLUNTEERS)” This wording makes a little more sense and can still point you to the right spot to send the email. There you go!



TIP OF THE WEEK 1: Michiana Jewish Film Festival Comps!





Great news! The Michiana Jewish Film Festival is offering usher comps for this year’s screenings! Here is the official word from the Ticket Office. Important to note that you can only get the tickets THE DAY OF the screening:

Michiana Jewish Federation has approved 2 complimentary tickets to any screening of the Film Festival, but ushers can only get the complimentary tickets the day of (to ensure the film festival paying guests have first dibs). If ushers want to secure their seats prior to day of the show, they will have to pay for the tickets, and there will be no refunds. 

There you have it. Enjoy!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Archiving

We are currently in process of archiving data on our MyVolunteerPage website. Every so often we need to archive the shifts, so that the system will run smoother. Your shift hours from July 2015 – December 2016 have been separated into three shifts with the titles “2015 Fall Semester”, “2016 *Spring Semester” and “2016 Fall Semester”. Each shift is a combination of your hours for those time periods. So please note that your hours have not changed at all. If for some reason you notice a steep decline in your hours, please let us know and we’ll investigate. Thanks!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Name Tags Order Instructions

With our new ushers in place, we are at that time of the year to order name tags. Note that name tags are NOT mandatory.  You do not need a name tag to show exemplary customer service!  Please read through the instructions very carefully if you are interested in this option:

  • Name tags will be a cost of $8.00 to you.
  • Please bring $8.00 in cash (cash only please!) in an envelope labeled with your first and last name and tell us your PREFERRED first name for the name tag.
  • If you’d like to place an order, you can bring the money in on one of your shifts. Please give the envelope to a House Manager only. If you are working a Screening and there is no House Manager on the premises, please wait until you are working a House Manager supervised shift. You can also stop by the House Manager’s office during the week.  There is usually someone there Monday-Friday between 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Our office is 111 DPAC and says “House Managers” on it. It is next to the Coat Check side entrance.
  • To give us a heads up, please send us an email to let us know that you do want one and if you plan to stop by the office or bring the money to a shift.
  • Also, if cost is an issue and you really want a name tag, please contact us.
  • Please put in your order by Friday April 13th.
  • When the name tags arrive we will get them to you on one of your shifts.

TIP OF THE WEEK 1: Admitted Student Days!

Admitted Student Days are back! We had these here for the first time last year and since they were so successful, they’re here again. On these four weekends, the University has invited students that have been accepted to the incoming Freshman class, but who have not yet committed. Part of their time on campus is the presentation we have in the Leighton. We’ll have these events on Sundays starting March 25th and continuing April 8th, April 15th and April 22nd. We hope that after the undecided student’s stay here, they will realize that Notre Dame is the place for them. So please, ushers working these days, know that the majority of these guests will have never been in our building before and that we, as always, represent the University in the best possible way!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Universal Advance Screenings!

This Saturday we’re having a Universal Advance Screening of the new film Blockers. Just a reminder for those ushers working this film, that your start time reflects being ready one hour prior to show start. We have ushers come in a little early for these shifts in case we need to tend to a long line of patrons ready to get tickets. Tickets are distributed one hour prior to show time. We never know just how popular these movies will be, but apparently, Blockers is very funny and might relate to the student population. We’ll see!

In addition, I need to mention that the student representative for this film was handing out flyers that give the date as Friday, March 24th, 2018. As this is not a real date and Friday IS March 23rd, this is incorrect info. Any ushers working Friday night please let any student looking to see Blockers know that it is indeed SATURDAY night: March 24th.

TIP OF THE WEEK 3: Sensory Friendly Screenings!

This Sunday’s screening of Queen of Katwe is being presented as a “sensory friendly” screening. This is to accommodate Logan Center patrons in attendance that may have sensory issues. In order for the screening to be sensory friendly, the theater will not be as dark as normal. The house lights will be dimmed, but not turned off. The sound will be turned down slightly. In addition, no concessions will be sold, as to minimize smells in the theater.

We have done this last year for the Logan Center with a screening of The Red Turtle. The screening may be different for us, but it is nice that we can offer patrons this experience.