VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: November Birthdays!










Please send our November babies Happy Birthday wishes!

11/04 Art C.

11/15 Tim K.

11/20 Katie P.

11/28 Rita K.


VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: Usher Tom has a new play!

Our resident usher playwright Tom Noe is having a reading next week! Here is the info:


On September 22 and 23, Friday and Saturday, Acting Ensemble in downtown South Bend will present staged readings of House of Pardon by playwright Tom Noe (www.tomnoe.net). The readings start at 7:30, and a time for comments will follow each performance. In the play, a young man is running a Catholic Worker house to serve former prison inmates and the poor. He receives a large inheritance and uses the money for his ministry, but he doesn’t tell his sister about her share of the money because she’s a compulsive gambler and he doesn’t want her to be tempted. Then she finds out about the money. Ticket reservations are $8 on the Acting Ensemble website (www.ActingEnsemble.com).