VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: November Birthdays!

Please send our November babies Happy Birthday wishes!










11/04 Art C.

11/15 Tim K.

11/19 Tonaysia P.

11/20 Katie P.

11/22 Mary B.

11/28 Rita K.


TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Parking Issues!

This is a follow up to the Tip of the Week a few weeks ago about keeping opinions to ourselves while on the floor. Since tomorrow we’re planning to hear a lot of feedback regarding the parking situation, especially from our regular MET Opera patrons who will have to alter their usual parking routine, thought we’d mention that opinions to keep under wraps also includes parking!

Now we all know that the parking situation has been dire for many years and is in great need of attention, but we’ll keep that among ourselves! If a patron brings up the situation (and even though you’ll be inclined to agree!) just let them know that you’re sorry for the inconvenience and that you’ll forward along any concern they may have.

While the campus parking situation is mostly out of our hands at DPAC, we need to remember that we want to show not just DPAC in the best light, but the University as well. Thanks again for your understanding!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Game Day Mass Reminders!


As Game Day starts tomorrow, we wanted to give you all reminders of what ushering this shifts entails. As mentioned prior, we are in deep need for next weekend’s (9/8 Ball State) game and of course need help the following two masses as well.


To get you ready, let’s review some of the questions you may have about the mass!

What time will mass begin?

For post-game masses, the start time is 30 minutes following the last second of the game.

For pre-game masses, the times determined by Campus Ministry are currently 4:30 PM for each. The first pre-game mass is tomorrow before the Michigan game. This year there will be two  more pre-game masses: September 29th before the Stanford game and November 10th before the Florida State game.

Where can ushers park?

For post-game masses, ushers should arrive on campus during halftime of the football game, and for this reason require NO PASSES whatsoever for entry.  At this time, parking attendants will not be stopping vehicles entering campus.  From there, find any open space in the Stayer lot northeast of the center. If this is full, the Bookstore is another option. If a parking attendant would happen to stop you, simply inform them of your role as a volunteer usher for the mass at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

For pre-game masses, ushers will obtain a parking pass from a House Manger prior to the day of the game. When you arrive to campus, you enter through the Dorr Rd gate (which is off 933 where WNDU is). Parking will be by the Bookstore in the Bookstore (aka BK1) Lot.

How do ushers gain entry into the Performing Arts Center?

Because the building is locked to prevent crowds of people using our facility unattended, the north and south vestibules of the building will be checked at 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00.  The pre-game times will depend on the Mass start time, but usually it will be 2:30, 3:00 and 3:30. If it’s raining outside please know you CAN always access the vestibule of the center; it’s the INNER doors which remain locked.

What do ushers wear?

The usher uniform, of course!

 When ushers arrive early, where should they go?

The Notre Dame game is on the big screen inside the Browning Cinema and ushers of post game masses are invited to watch until the briefing begins.

What is my role during mass?

Ushers will perform their usual roles of greeting and seating patrons.  The seats aren’t assigned, just like at a regular mass, so please ask patrons to fill in as we anticipate a large crowd.

Then during the mass, ushers will continue to help patrons find seats and assist with the offertory baskets. Each usher will be assigned a location and specific rows to pass along the baskets. You will given these assignments during the briefing. Following the collection, each usher with a basket will bring it back to the usher locker room and place the monies in a container that will be collected by NDSP immediately following offertory.

Finally, our ushers will help the Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion (aka Eucharistic Minister)  find their distribution location, and guide patrons out of rows for Eucharist distribution. Distribution maps will be passed out during the briefing covering the number of rows you are serving and which rows we will have reserved to use as pass-through rows.

Do ushers need to be Catholic?

No, all are welcome and encouraged. If you are not familiar with the Catholic Mass we will go over the order of events in the briefing. We ask all ushers who are familiar with the mass to please lend a hand as well.

If any of you are Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion, please let us know and you can perform this duty during Communion. Each mass has a separate Eucharistic Minister shift you can sign up for.

Also remember if you are Catholic, the mass counts as your weekly obligation plus you get usher hours for it. There you go! Let’s have a great season!





I sent everyone info on the Shakespeare Pre-talks the other day, but wanted you to have it handy in case you’re interested in the Pre-talks tonight and tomorrow at 6:30 PM in the Philbin.

Last night we had a good crowd for an enlightening talk with Jesse Lander, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of English, and Christina Brooks, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, City of South Bend, Office of the Mayor.

Tonight is Peter Holland, McMeel Family Chair in Shakespeare Studies, Associate Dean for the Arts, and Pamela Nolan Young, Director for Academic Diversity and Inclusion.

Saturday night we’ll host Susannah Monta, the John Cardinal O’Hara, C.S.C., and Glynn Family Honors Associate Professor, Department of English and Eric Love, Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion.


The subject of all the discussions is “Shakespeare and Whiteness”. Here’s the synopsis:


Shakespeare’s treatment of the outsider in our midst, the stranger, the foreigner, the excluded, or the “other,” resonates significantly in our contemporary political landscape. What is the experience, in Shakespeare’s plays and in our lives, of “whiteness?” For people of color or for those who do not worship the “correct’ religion, in The Merchant of Venice, Othello, or other plays, what is the experience of the majority? For us in South Bend, or on campus at Notre Dame, what does “whiteness” connote?

There you go! Enjoy!



You’ll see on the September Listing of Events that FTT’s ND Theatre NOW! begins in the Philbin on September 27th and runs to October 7th.



This year’s show will consist of two one-act plays that will get a unique spin by FTT. The first up is WASP written by all-around legend of everything: Steve Martin! Mr. Martin’s play will be directed by Notre Dame student Najmeddine Harrbi ’19. Here is the synopsis:

In the fractured landscape of 50s suburbia, a prototypical white protestant family exists in a dark limbo of expectation and routine. Mom is surrounded by people but deeply alone, dad speaks in delicious platitudes, and the children fear anything new. The play vibrates with satire and dark lyrical irony as the family meanders blindly toward catastrophe.

The second one-act will be American Roulette written by Tom McCormack. Notre Dame student Roisin Goebelbecker ’19 will direct. Here is the info:

An African-American man named Sam has come for an interview. The firm is unspecified, described only as “the most powerful firm there is.” Two very privileged-looking Caucasians, Charles and Hillary, carry out the interview. They tell him that the only qualification needed is desire to be in the firm. The interview amounts to a series of tests designed to trick Sam. This original and perceptive work details a tense, contemporary American crisis. Alternately hilarious and chilling the play moves swiftly, and inexorably, to an explosive unforgettable climax.

There you have it!

VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: December 2017 Birthdays!











December is here, so let’s send some happiness to our December b-days!

12/10 Mark K.

12/14 Joanne K.

12/15 Gary O.

12/23 Reynaldo H.

12/25 JoLynn B.

12/29 Katherine J.

12/30 Greg O.

*Also note as we get to the end of the year, if you haven’t seen your birthday come up please let us know and we’ll make sure we get your birthday in our system for 2018. Thanks!