CENTER HIGHLIGHT: This Wednesday you will learn The Importance of Being Earnest!

The latest FTT performance starts Wednesday in the Decio. Still need much help! Check it out as it should be a great show. Here is the official FTT press release:

The University of Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre (FTT) announces Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, in the Patricia George Decio Theatre at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, November 8-12, 2017

In Wilde’s “trivial comedy for serious people,” first performed in London in 1895, both ladies and gentlemen concoct elaborate fictions in order to evade the burdensome conventions of polite society – and hilarity ensues.  

Guest director Mark Seamon, an FTT alumnus (‘98), describes the overall approach to the production as “period beautiful.” Part of the fun, he says, is “seeing how ridiculously these people behave within this beautiful and opulent environment.”

In 1997, Seamon became the first theatre student in decades to direct a department production  on the Washington Hall mainstage. Currently serving as Director of Merit Scholarship Enrollment for the university, Seamon returns to direct Earnest on the 20th anniversary of his student directorial debut.

The production features an all-student cast, as well as costumes by Richard E. Donnelly, lighting design by Kevin Dreyer, and scenic design by Marcus Stephens.

There you go. Have a great week!


TIP OF THE WEEK: Usher Reminders!

Thought it was that time of the year to go over a few things to keep in mind when on the floor. We’ll start with a reminder about drawing the line between being a patron and being an usher. As we want you all to enjoy working here and enjoy the art that is provided, we have to keep in mind that we are here for the patrons first. We need to maintain our usher identity and that we are representing DPAC and let the patrons have the fun, even if it is a particularly energetic event. If it is a performance that you’d like to enjoy to the fullest, you are always welcome to get a ticket and be a participating patron.

Often we can get caught up in the performance or the film and leave behind our duty to the patrons. Program and Scanner ushers (along with other ushers who may be in the back of the venue) please be attentive to patrons who are entering (or leaving) by grabbing the doors, so they close quietly and helping get them to the late seating holds or to their assigned seat. Always please stay at your post until after the first late seating moment (except for Orchestra ushers who can move to their normal seating area).  Then you can grab an empty seat on an aisle in the back (preferably late seating holds) or use one of the stools.

Some performances, such as the Sorin shows, are very quiet in nature and we have to make sure we’re as quiet as we can be when handling late seating. We know sometimes the patrons are loud and there’s not much we can do about that, but we just have to do our best to be as quiet as we can.

That’s all the reminders for now. Let’s keep these in mind and have a great rest of the year. It’s November already!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Miles of Smiles!

Thought it would be a good time to bring out an easy tip that makes a difference! This week our staff went over to an event at the new stadium and noticed how all of their ushers engaged with us and had big smiles. Now they’re probably smiling because they get paid…but that’s beside the point! Just want to bring it up, as sometimes we need a reminder that a smile is the key to great customer service and it’s easy to do. So please on your next shift and beyond keep this in mind and show our patrons your best customer service. Our Sorin ushers last night were all smiles. I’m sure they loved every minute of it and it showed in their performance!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: 10/20 Parking Tonight!







I sent this out to all of tonight’s ushers earlier but wanted to make sure you see it!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that tonight might be harder than usual to park as there are many Game Day Weekend functions happening on campus (Pep Rally, Hockey Game, Soccer Game, Basketball!!!) The best bet might be to walk over from the Eddy Street Commons lot. Bring your ticket and we can put the sticker on to validate. Here are the directions for that in case you haven’t done it yet:

Get your parking ticket at the Eddy Street Commons Lot. Give it to the HM and we’ll place a sticker on the back of the ticket. When you return to the Eddy Street lot, show one side of the ticket (with a code) to the scanning machine and when the code is scanned it shows the amount due. Then flip the ticket over, the machine scans the sticker that we provide, and it then shows the amount due as “Paid”.

I hope that this is easy for you all. If you come early, by all means feel free to look for a spot on campus, but we want to have this alternative in place just in case. Thanks!

TIP OF THE WEEK: MET Opera Patron Etiquette aka METiquette!

Over the years, we have fielded numerous complaints about food consumption during the Met Operas. As more of these comments come in, we fell it needs a little attention! There’s only so much we can do to make people eat quieter, so we’ve made a list of guidelines that encompasses general Opera viewing etiquette. This list is now on the back of the programs. We don’t expect the ushers to relay all of these things to all of the patrons, so we felt the program may be the best way.

The main things we can do to help is, if we see patrons bringing in popcorn, let them know to please refrain from eating the popcorn during the Opera, only during the intermissions. In addition, if they have any food that may have a noisy wrapper, ask them to please unwrap it before the Opera begins or open it during the intermissions. We will let our student concessions workers also help with this.

Here below is what is now in the program:

Thank you for supporting The Met: Live in HD at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.  To ensure a quality experience for all of our patrons, we ask that you please recognize the following guidelines for etiquette during the broadcast:

1. Please arrive on time for the performance. Late arrivals can be disruptive to other patrons. 

2. Please silence all electronic devices including cell phones and tablets. Please refrain from sending or checking text messages during the performance. 

3. Recording the broadcast is strictly prohibited.

4. During the performance, please refrain from talking, humming or tapping along with the music.

5. Applause is encouraged at the following moments in the performance:

–        As the conductor arrives onstage to begin the overture

–        The conclusion of the overture or an aria

–        The conclusion of an act

–        During a curtain call

6. Concessions will be served during The Met: Live in HD broadcasts from our concessions stand.

–        If you purchase popcorn, please do not eat during the performance. Please enjoy your popcorn purchase during intermission breaks.

–        If you purchase candy, please unwrap your purchase before the performance begins or during intermissions.

–        Beverages may be enjoyed during the performance. Please consume your beverages quietly. 

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy the performance.


There you have it!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Usher Entrance for Thursday’s 10/19 Sorin Performance!

This note is for this Thursday’s Sorin ushers. The University’s Board of Trustees are in attendance for this event and will be having a special dinner in our lobby before the Sorin performance. Our client requested that we keep the lobby as clear as possible during the dinner. As you will be arriving at 6:30 PM (or earlier), the dinner will be underway. We ask that you enter the building a new and exciting way! We will be unlocking the WEST doors for your entrance. If you recall from usher safety training, the WEST doors are outside the Leighton backstage where we exit to go to the Donor Wall.

There is a side walk that leads to the West Doors from Holy Cross Dr. which is on the North side of DPAC (where we normally enter). Please take this sidewalk and enter through these doors (again…on the west side of the building). You will then see the backstage of the Leighton and the Penote. Then please enter the Leighton stage and go down the stage stairs into the Leighton main floor. Then please enter the Usher Locker Room through the Leighton Door B vestibule. (You know, the RED door.). We’ll have the doors to the Leighton backstage and the red door to the Usher Locker Room open to make it as easy as we can for you.

Note for the early greeter and coat check worker: since your call time is at 5:15 PM, you can enter the normal way, as the Trustees will not be in the building yet.

Thanks to all of you for your help with this!