Please wish our May babies a Happy B-day!

5/01 Megan S.

5/05 Barb S.

5/15 John Po.

5/17 Phyllis W.

5/22 Joe H.

5/30 Maureen K.




The  TEDx events on Saturday will be exciting. We haven’t had this event here since 2015 and it has proven to be just as popular, with two sold out shows! Here is what it’s all about:


This event will feature 16 live presentations and several videos designed to unleash and inspire new ideas and promote innovative thinking. Presenters include ND undergraduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, and South Bend community members. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, the TED organization has created a program called TEDx.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxUND, where the “x” designates an independently organized TED event. At our TEDxUND event, TEDTALKS videos and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection amongst the Notre Dame community. The TED conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including this one, are self-organized. 

*Note to everyone working the events, the house will be open for 1 hour prior and the shift start time reflects that. There you have it. Enjoy!

TIP OF THE WEEK: MyVolunteerPage Change!

You may have noticed that when you were seeing ushers’ sub-requests lately, the email you get says their name and is followed by: “(Click here to send an email to all VOLUNTEERS)”. Since this seemed strange, we asked Better Impact (the folks behind MyVolunteerPage) and they informed us that they made a change that added the committee name to each email. Though in our case, the committee name you are all on was called “Click here to send an email to all VOLUNTEERS” as we were using it to give instructions. (Apparently, most Better Impact customers would have their committee’s name as just “Volunteers” or “Student”, etc.) We have changed that, so when you are sending sub-requests it will now say: “(To all VOLUNTEERS)” This wording makes a little more sense and can still point you to the right spot to send the email. There you go!


CENTER HIGHLIGHT: ND Day is back on April 22nd-23rd!

Again DPAC is taking part in Notre Dame Day, a fundraising event that helps raise money for the University and, more importantly, for DPAC! But this year we have the added bonus of having a major event on our stage with cast members from Chicago’s production of Hamilton, along with Chloe Agnew. As this is an ND Day broadcast, it will go out live on the ND Day website to anyone who wishes to see it. The live feed will have the performances here and alternate with videos and speakers at other venues. The list of all of the ND day events is here:

Please note that if you are interested in attending, the DPAC Ticket Office will be distributing (free!) tickets starting at 12:00 PM on Monday (April 23rd). We’re not sure how much of a line we’re expecting, but last year’s Hamilton event that was in Washington Hall sold out very quickly.

ND day officially starts April 22nd at 6:42 PM (You know the drill- 6:42 PM is 18:42 in military time and 1842 is the year the University was founded…of course!). When you donate $10, you get 5 votes. You can use these votes to vote for any of the scores of campus groups participating, but ideally, you place all 5 votes for DPAC, as the more votes we receive, the bigger percentage we get of the $1,100,000 challenge fund!

Your involvement and support are encouraged. Feel free to share our campaign page with any friends or family and they too can support us on April 22nd-23rd. We’re looking forward to ND Day donations to help support the Center and having this major event on our stage will also raise our exposure, which is nice!

Here is the link to our ND Day page:

Please give if you’d like. Thank you very much!

SPECIAL EVENTS: National Volunteer Week!






This Sunday starts National Volunteer Week! In appreciation of all of you and the great work you do for us, we will have ice cream treats available after every shift! Actual National Volunteer Week is April 15th-21st, but we’ll extend it from tonight (April 13th) to next Sunday (April 22nd) so we can get more of you in to enjoy. Thanks again for everything you do for us!

TIP OF THE WEEK 1: Michiana Jewish Film Festival Comps!





Great news! The Michiana Jewish Film Festival is offering usher comps for this year’s screenings! Here is the official word from the Ticket Office. Important to note that you can only get the tickets THE DAY OF the screening:

Michiana Jewish Federation has approved 2 complimentary tickets to any screening of the Film Festival, but ushers can only get the complimentary tickets the day of (to ensure the film festival paying guests have first dibs). If ushers want to secure their seats prior to day of the show, they will have to pay for the tickets, and there will be no refunds. 

There you have it. Enjoy!

TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Archiving

We are currently in process of archiving data on our MyVolunteerPage website. Every so often we need to archive the shifts, so that the system will run smoother. Your shift hours from July 2015 – December 2016 have been separated into three shifts with the titles “2015 Fall Semester”, “2016 *Spring Semester” and “2016 Fall Semester”. Each shift is a combination of your hours for those time periods. So please note that your hours have not changed at all. If for some reason you notice a steep decline in your hours, please let us know and we’ll investigate. Thanks!