TIP OF THE WEEK: Commencement Parking

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about Commencement weekend parking. Yes, it will be crazy as always!


Please give yourself plenty of time to get parked and to your shift on time. Friday and Saturday will be a little better than Sunday, but it will still be very busy.

Friday day ushers, note that parking attendants will not be ticketing for visitor parking, so no need to get a ticket from the visitor parking kiosk. Please park in any open spots in the Walsh lot, Compton lot, or Joyce lot as usual.

If any time this weekend, especially Sunday, you are having trouble getting a spot, please feel free to park in the Eddy Street Commons lot. When you enter, take your ticket and park. When you arrive at DPAC let us know that you parked at the Commons lot and we will give you a voucher sticker that will cover the cost of parking. To leave this lot, you first go up to the exit gate and scan the ticket you were given upon arrival and then it will ask you for payment and you scan the voucher sticker we gave you. There you go!

Look forward to seeing many of you on this busy, busy weekend!


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