TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Universal Advance Screenings!

This Saturday we’re having a Universal Advance Screening of the new film Blockers. Just a reminder for those ushers working this film, that your start time reflects being ready one hour prior to show start. We have ushers come in a little early for these shifts in case we need to tend to a long line of patrons ready to get tickets. Tickets are distributed one hour prior to show time. We never know just how popular these movies will be, but apparently, Blockers is very funny and might relate to the student population. We’ll see!

In addition, I need to mention that the student representative for this film was handing out flyers that give the date as Friday, March 24th, 2018. As this is not a real date and Friday IS March 23rd, this is incorrect info. Any ushers working Friday night please let any student looking to see Blockers know that it is indeed SATURDAY night: March 24th.


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