TIP OF THE WEEK: Paid Visitor Parking On Weekdays

Many of you may have noticed that there is a Visitor Lot next to the construction for the new Walsh Architecture building. This lot has a pre-pay station, so the University is no longer offering free visitor parking on our side of campus during the weekdays. This doesn’t affect many of you, because there are very few weekday shifts, but we wanted to let you know about it so you’re prepared if you have a weekday shift.

All of the un-gated lots south of campus (Compton, Joyce Lot, Walsh Architecture Lot) have become paid visitor parking lots. The times required for paid visitor parking are: MondayFriday from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm. Outside of these times, parking is free.

The pay station is next to the construction for the new Walsh Architecture Building. It is in the lot marked: Visitor Lot. (Note that no ND hang tags are accepted here, so if you have the pleasure of having one, don’t park here!)

When you arrive to campus, if there is a spot available in the lot, you can park there. Then please go to the ticket machine and get your pre-paid ticket. The machine will ask you how much time you are staying. Here you would put in whatever your anticipated shift time is.

When it asks you to pre-pay, we have a special one-time code to use that will act as the payment. We will give this code to you prior to the shift. That way you won’t have to pay anything!

It is very important please to not give this code out to anyone. Also please let us know when you have used it and how much time you put in. The department is keeping track and need to know when a code is used. Note that the first hour is free, so if you’re stopping in quickly, you can get a one hour ticket (no code needed).

The machine will give you a ticket and please put this ticket face up on your driver’s side dashboard (so it can be seen by ND Parking). If there is room in this visitor lot, you may park here. If it is filled, take your ticket and car to any of these open lots: Walsh Architecture Lot (which is next to the Visitor Lot), Compton Lot or the Joyce Lot.

There you have it! For more info on this from ND Parking, please go here:



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