TIP OF THE WEEK: Cinema Reminders!

Our new ushers will soon be on their first screening shifts, so veteran ushers please lend them your wisdom on screenings and show them the ropes. Here are a few cinema reminders for everyone so our newbies will be on the right track and we’re all on the same page:

  • Please refrain from getting your complimentary popcorn and beverage until 10 minutes into show time. This way you can tend to any late patrons. (Yes, this means not hiding food behind the poster stand outside Door E!)
  • The Greeter is to stay in position for the first 10 minutes of the film in case there are any late comers who need directions to the Browning. If it’s a movie that you absolutely would like to not miss any of it, mention it to the projectionist beforehand and hopefully he can accommodate.
  • Please make sure one usher is doing the aisle walk at one point during the screening. Again, this helps the patrons know there is an usher presence and hopefully will deter cell phone usage and unnecessary talking. To make things easier to remember, whoever is designated to be the inside Door E usher will do the walk during the screening.
  • Finally, as the quickest way to evacuate the Browning during an emergency would be through the lower doors (Doors A and B), we would like one usher to sit towards the bottom, at the end of a row, during a screening. This way they are in position to evacuate patrons if necessary. Again to make it easy, we ask that the designated inside usher take on this task. Please go to one of these seats approximately 10 minutes into the screening.  We know that this position may now be the least enviable during a screening, but please remember, as always, we are here to serve the patrons first and enjoying the film is secondary. Thanks!

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