TIP OF THE WEEK: Ticket Office Standby Lines





Just wanted to send out a reminder about handling the standby lines for movies and shows. Over the past few weekends we have had some busy shows and several sell outs. This is great for us, but not always great for the patron who can’t get a ticket!

If a film or performance is “free but ticketed” all unused tickets are released by the Ticket Office 15 minutes prior to showtime. So if someone reserved this ticket and did not come to pick it up 15 minutes prior, their ticket can be given to anyone walking up or waiting in the standby line. We would start having people in the standby line if it is indeed sold out, and they are allowed to get any unclaimed tickets when it is less than 15 minutes to show time. The Ticket Office will come out to let them know.

For regular ticketed paid events, the policy is different. If the screening or show is a paid event and it is sold out, patrons without tickets can wait in the standby line, but tickets will only be made available if a ticket-owning patron returns their tickets. The Ticket Office will then let the patrons in line know a ticket is available.

If a patron has purchased a ticket, they are entitled to that seat for the duration of the performance, even if they don’t show up. So we may have several open seats, let’s say in the front row of the cinema, but since those seats are sold, they have to remain empty in case the patron who purchased the ticket shows up any time during the performance. Please make sure those patrons in the standby line aren’t aware of the empty seats, because that just ends up making them more unhappy if they can’t get in.

That may sound unfair for the patron who is actually in the building and wants to see the show, but that’s how the Ticket Office can be fair to the purchasing patron. The purchasing patron takes precedence and we can’t sell a ticket twice. There you go!


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