CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Learning Beyond the Classics in the Browning

Wednesdays this semester in the Browning, DPAC will cover important films of 1968 AND it will be offered as a (non-credit) class for the participants. The series will  feature talks with FTT professors and our own Cinema Director Ricky Herbst. Here is a little info on this:


The year 1968 stands as one of the most tumultuous in modern history. In the U.S., 1968 was marked by the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, by the escalation of the war in Vietnam, by protests in the streets and at national political conventions, and by an election that carried Richard Nixon back into power. Globally, civic protests in Paris nearly brought down the government, and the push against Soviet power created the Prague Spring, which ushered in political liberalization.

Media were intertwined with these events as media in various forms shifted radically. Television news in the U.S. expanded to 30 minutes and added color, and prime-time programs dramatized narratives that incorporated the civil rights movement and other social changes. In Hollywood, the studio system and decency codes that dominated American cinema since the 1930s dissolved as independent producers and documentarians pioneered new forms of storytelling and visual representation.

This Learning Beyond the Classics Series poses a central question: what do the revolutions of 1968 mean to us today? How do the films, television programs, and print media of that time speak to our current moment?

This course is for general education and no credit is offered. Those who sign up for the series are not required to produce essays or take exams. Nothing is required to be brought to the weekly screenings, other than your ticket. Course materials will be emailed prior to each screening.

Learning Beyond the Classics is a new venture that looks to bring the film studies classroom experience to the general public. The series includes a weekly reading, a recorded introduction to the film you can listen to at your leisure, and a discussion after the film. All are welcome to sign up for the series. Come to explore and appreciate classic films at a new level.

Ricky has mentioned that if any if you want to participate and receive the course materials, please let us know. The fee for the course will be waived for all volunteers. For more info on this and a list of the films that will be shown, please go to the website:



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