TIP OF THE WEEK: Usher Reminders!

Thought it was that time of the year to go over a few things to keep in mind when on the floor. We’ll start with a reminder about drawing the line between being a patron and being an usher. As we want you all to enjoy working here and enjoy the art that is provided, we have to keep in mind that we are here for the patrons first. We need to maintain our usher identity and that we are representing DPAC and let the patrons have the fun, even if it is a particularly energetic event. If it is a performance that you’d like to enjoy to the fullest, you are always welcome to get a ticket and be a participating patron.

Often we can get caught up in the performance or the film and leave behind our duty to the patrons. Program and Scanner ushers (along with other ushers who may be in the back of the venue) please be attentive to patrons who are entering (or leaving) by grabbing the doors, so they close quietly and helping get them to the late seating holds or to their assigned seat. Always please stay at your post until after the first late seating moment (except for Orchestra ushers who can move to their normal seating area).  Then you can grab an empty seat on an aisle in the back (preferably late seating holds) or use one of the stools.

Some performances, such as the Sorin shows, are very quiet in nature and we have to make sure we’re as quiet as we can be when handling late seating. We know sometimes the patrons are loud and there’s not much we can do about that, but we just have to do our best to be as quiet as we can.

That’s all the reminders for now. Let’s keep these in mind and have a great rest of the year. It’s November already!


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