TIP OF THE WEEK 2: 10/20 Parking Tonight!







I sent this out to all of tonight’s ushers earlier but wanted to make sure you see it!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that tonight might be harder than usual to park as there are many Game Day Weekend functions happening on campus (Pep Rally, Hockey Game, Soccer Game, Basketball!!!) The best bet might be to walk over from the Eddy Street Commons lot. Bring your ticket and we can put the sticker on to validate. Here are the directions for that in case you haven’t done it yet:

Get your parking ticket at the Eddy Street Commons Lot. Give it to the HM and we’ll place a sticker on the back of the ticket. When you return to the Eddy Street lot, show one side of the ticket (with a code) to the scanning machine and when the code is scanned it shows the amount due. Then flip the ticket over, the machine scans the sticker that we provide, and it then shows the amount due as “Paid”.

I hope that this is easy for you all. If you come early, by all means feel free to look for a spot on campus, but we want to have this alternative in place just in case. Thanks!


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