TIP OF THE WEEK: 10/3 NBC Universal Sneak Peek Feature!





This Tuesday night (October 3rd) brings us the ridiculously titled: Happy Death Day. It is a Universal Sneak Peek and will be released in theatres on October 13th. In case you were curious, Happy Death Day is like Groundhog Day but as a horror movie! A woman keeps reliving the same day of her murder. Each time, she tries to piece together who her killer is and how to stop it from happening. There you go!

As it is a sneak preview, it is for ND students only and the Ticket Office will be handing out tickets one hour prior for a 8:00 PM start. The ushers for the event come at 6:45 PM so they are on the floor during ticket distribution in case there are long lines to manage. With a title like Happy Death Day, you never know!

Also since this is an advance screening, there is a representative in-house who is hired by Universal to make sure that nobody is recording the movie. So if you’re working this event, please help this associate and make sure you’re enforcing our no photo/video policy. Thanks and enjoy the movie…if you dare!


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