TIP OF THE WEEK: 2017-18 MET Opera Pronunciations






As you have seen in our listing for October, the 2017-18 MET Opera season begins soon! To get ready for it, here are the pronunciations of the titles so you can go in as an opera aficionado!

10/7/17            Norma (well that’s just pronounced: Norma!)

10/14/17          Die Zauberflote—Dee- TZOWBER-floo-tah (also known as The Magic Flute)

12/02/17          The Exterminating Angel (you guys got this!)

1/27/18            Tosca—Toh-ska

2/10/18            L’elisir d’amore— lell-Ee-sear dah-MORE

2/24/18            La Boheme—La bow-EM

3/10/18            Semiramide— semi-ra-me-day

4/7/18              Cosi Fan Tutte— co-see fahn TOO-te

4/14/18            Luisa Miller– Lou-ee-sah Miller

4/28/18            Cendrillon– sen-dree-on (Cinderella)

I feel smarter just by reading these.


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