TIP OF THE WEEK: New System for Parking Vouchers!

There has been a change in the parking voucher system with the Eddy Street Commons parking lot. Previously patrons showed us their parking ticket and we gave them a voucher ticket. Now the tickets at Eddy Street have changed, so we are updating.

The patron gets a parking ticket at Eddy Street. When they show it to us, we give them a sticker to place on the back of the ticket. When the customer returns to the Eddy Street lot, they show one side of the ticket (with a code) to the scanning machine and when the code is scanned it shows them the amount due. Then they flip the ticket over and the machine scans the sticker that we provide, and it then shows the amount due as “Paid”.

If any patron asks for a voucher sticker while the Ticket Office is open, please send them there. If the Ticket Office is closed, please let the house manager or student house manager know and we’ll get them one. There you go!