What are Show Bucks?… you might ask. Well let’s get started.


As many of you know, our concession stands currently do not have credit card machines and we take cash only. In the past, we have told patrons that they can get cash from the ATM across from the downstairs elevators, if they would like to purchase concessions (and pay a ridiculous bank fee). Soon that will not be an option. In early July, the ATM machine is leaving our building. Since that is the case, we have a solution for cashless patrons. We are offering Show Bucks!

When patrons pick up their tickets at the Ticket Office (which has credit card machines), they can have the option of adding money to their purchase to use at concessions. So for example, they pay $7 for a movie ticket and ask to purchase $2 extra (or more), which will be given to them in Show Bucks. They will take the Show Bucks (which will look like a ticket, but say “Show Bucks” on it) and bring it to concessions. We will then gladly take their Show Bucks, give them food and send them on their way.

The Show Bucks will be sold in increments of $2. As this is the case, all concessions will again be $2, which includes popcorn. We know this might cause issue with those accustomed to that $1 price, so we are looking into getting a bigger box in stock so the $2 spent looks worth-while. Never fear ushers, your free popcorn perk remains the same!

Whichever usher is the Greeter for these shifts, please know you have an extra duty: pushing Show Bucks! Please let patrons know as they enter that they can purchase concessions vouchers at the Ticket Office. That way they could have concessions even if they do not have cash. Feel free to throw around the phrase “Show Bucks”, though at first no one will know what you’re talking about! However, don’t worry, it will catch on!

Show Bucks will be in effect on Wednesday with The Wizard of Oz. Let’s make them a success!


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