CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Mandatory Summer Training!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that our Emergency Action Plan Training for the year is coming up soon. As it is very important to keep all of us, both staff and ushers, up to date on procedures and prepared for a variety of different emergency situations, we are going to be having this training every summer. (New ushers who received this training in the spring, we request that you attend as well.)

Like last year, we plan for members of the Notre Dame Fire Department and Notre Dame Security Police to be on hand to run through various scenarios that can go wrong on a shift and how to deal with the emergencies as quickly and safely as we can. We will station ushers in all the available venues and run evacuation drills.

We stress that this again is mandatory, as we want everyone to be as prepared as possible if any incident were to happen during a shift. We are looking at an evening in early August to do this, so we can get the training in before the 2017-2018 season kicks off. We will let you know soon what day we have booked, as we are determining which day works best in the Center’s schedule.

You all did a terrific job at our previous training and we look forward to your participation again. Thanks!


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