TIP OF THE WEEK: Rain Calls!

This Summer we will be having a few events outdoors. Each of these events will have a “Rain Call”, in case it rains! Ushers who sign up for these Rain Call shifts will be “on call” for that day. We will contact you by 3:30 PM the day of the event to let you know if we will need you for the evening. If we are expecting rain, we’ll have you come on down as the event will take place in one of our venues instead. The ushers who are signed up for the regular shift for the event will still remain on the event (just they will have to work indoors, as opposed to outdoors!) For any usher who is on a Rain Call shift, you will get ONE hour added to your total yearly hours if the weather is nice and we don’t need your service. There you go! Feel free to test it out in July as there is a Rain Call for July 6th!

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