CENTER HIGHLIGHT: The 2017 Usher Recognition Ceremony and Dinner

It was great to see so many of you this past Tuesday night. Thanks to all who could make it out. We had some fun! Let’s recap for those who couldn’t make it:

First up we had dinner with our chicken and potluck combo. Thanks to everyone for the delicious side dishes!

After dinner we shared our favorite events of the past year. As always, the usher favorites are vast and it’s a great testament to the Center that we can provide such a multitude of great performances!

The most popular were Shakespeare Fest’s pinnacle The Tempest and National Theatre Live’s War Horse. In addition to these, many of you were most impressed with a pair of performances the students gave: FTT’s – I and You and Opera ND’s The Magic Flute. It’s great to see that our students here at Notre Dame can put on productions that compare with the pros.

Music performances mentioned were Todd Rundgren, the Art of Time Ensemble’s performance of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Eileen Ivers, Venice Baroque Orchestra with Nicola Benedetti, Nathan and Julie Gunn and the Kronos Quartet with Wu Man. Drama was represented by L.A. Theatre Works- Judgement at Nuremberg. Dance was represented by Momix and Ballet Hispanico. Plus, kudos to more student performances: Glee Club Christmas, the ND Jazz Band, and even a student organ recital got a mention!

Our Browning programming was represented by the MET Operas, National Theatre Live, The Jewish Film Festival with films Fanny’s Journey and In Search of Israeli Cuisine getting special mention, and individual films such as Moonlight, Get Out, Kubo and the Two Strings, Last Men in Aleppo, Julieta and Silence.

Also mentioned were yearly events Fischoff, Alumni Reunion- Laughing Irish, and (of course) Game Day Masses. Alumni Association Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker: Digger O’Brien received notice as well. Finally, a tour one of our docents gave to high school singers was also a highlight, as she witnessed the joy and awe the students had when they heard their voices fill our Leighton Concert Hall!

There was such a diverse array of performances that even special mention was given to “any shift Don was working!”

Then we commenced the awards part of the evening. This year we bested last year and we gave out the most pins yet! Congratulations again go out to our ushers who were recognized for their hours of service:






500 Hours:

 Anita B.

JoLynn B.

Kathy D.

Katherine J.

Leo L.

Phyllis L.

Elaine T.







750 Hours:

 Rosalina A.

Maureen K.

Phyllis W.







1000 Hours:

 Pat H.

Diane H.

John L.

Mary Beth M.

Mary M.

Germana N.

John P.

Barb S.







1250 Hours:

 Art C.

Diane H.

Pete S.

Stephen W.


And for the first time, we have ushers that have passed 2000 Hours!


Marilyn wearing the “Molly 2000 Pin”









Special thanks to these ushers for their many years, hours and their continued support and dedication to DPAC:

Molly G.

Mark K.

Jule P.

Marilyn W.

If you weren’t at the ceremony and are one of this year’s pin earners, congrats to you! Please ask a house manager on your next shift and we’ll gladly give you your pin.

 Thanks again to all of you for a great year and for your time and commitment to the Center! We look forward to many, many more with you all!


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