CENTER HIGHLIGHT: ND Day is back on April 23rd!

Last year you may remember DPAC taking part in Notre Dame Day, a fundraising event that helps raise money for the University and, more importantly, for DPAC!

The way it works is starting April 23rd at 6:42 PM you can donate $10 and you get 5 votes. You can use these votes to vote for any of the scores of campus groups participating, but ideally you place all 5 votes for DPAC, as the more votes we get, the bigger percentage we get of the $1,000,000 pool!

The Center’s theme this year is “DPAC Impact,” which several Notre Dame students speak about in a video series our Marketing Department has developed. They talk about how the Center has become their home, is a source of delight, and a place to think creatively. These videos will be up on our ND Day page when the campaign opens.

The Center has set a 500 vote goal to reach and your involvement and support are encouraged. Feel free to share our campaign page with any friends or family and they too can support us on April 23rd. We’re looking forward to ND Day helping many more people learn how much the Center does to support Notre Dame students and enrich campus life.

Here is the link to our ND Day page that will be active starting April 23rd at 6:42 PM:


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