STAFF HIGHLIGHT: April Birthdays!




Please wish our April babies a Happy B-day!

4/02 Kathleen R.

4/07 Peggy M.

4/13 Janine P.

4/25 Dan S.

4/26 Lorraine G.

4/28 Mary Beth M.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Usher Venue Sweeps!

Just wanted to send a reminder to all ushers to please sweep the venues thoroughly both before and after the shows. This week ushers found a debit card and a wallet, which is great, but Ticket Office contacted these patrons and both of them said the items were lost in January! We know it’s hard to find everything, but the more diligent we all are about checking (that includes us House Managers and Housekeeping as well) the quicker we’ll find lost items. We will start putting more flashlights in the program bins so more ushers can see better in between seats, where so many things tend to vanish. As always, please notify the House Manager or Student House Manager if you find an item and we’ll bring it to Lost & Found in the Ticket Office. Thanks!

TIP OF THE WEEK PART 2: Name Tags Order Instructions

With our new ushers in place, we are at that time of the year to order name tags. Note that name tags are NOT mandatory.  You do not need a name tag to show exemplary customer service!  Please read through the instructions very carefully if you are interested in this option:

  • Name tags will be a cost of $8.00 to you.
  • Please bring $8.00 in cash (cash only please!) in an envelope labeled with your first and last name and tell us your PREFERRED first name for the name tag.
  • If you’d like to place an order, you can bring the money in on one of your shifts. Please give the envelope to a House Manager only. If you are working a Screening and there is no House Manager on the premises, please wait until you are working a House Manager supervised shift. Also you can stop by the House Manager’s office during the week.  There is usually someone there MondayFriday between 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Our office is 111 DPAC and says “House Managers” on it. It is next to the Coat Check side entrance.
  • To give us a heads up, please send us an email to let us know that you do want one and if you plan to stop by the office or bring the money to a shift.
  • Also if cost is an issue and you really want a name tag, please contact us.
  • Please put in your order by Friday April 14th.
  • When the name tags arrive we will get them to you on one of your shifts.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Safety Upgrades!

Last week I mentioned some changes that are being made in the Browning to promote safety. We would like to see more changes made in the building regarding this and can use your help. You do a great job of letting us know immediately if anyone falls in the venue, so the patron can get quick assistance. We ask now that even if you see anyone trip or slightly stumble please let us know. We want to document all of these, so that the University can see a pattern of any spots that might need improvement.

All ushers please keep doing the great job you do of letting the patrons know of the stairs coming up, so that they pay close attention to where they’re going. This helps greatly to prevent unnecessary falls and our goal is to minimize this as much as possible and maximize safety here at the Center. Thanks!

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: FTT- Christ’s Passion: Medieval Mystery Plays

The latest FTT play graces the Philbin stage from April 5th-12th, just in time for Easter. Here is the official press release:



Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theatre presents

Christ’s Passion: Medieval Mystery Plays
Adapted by Mark Pilkinton

Presented as a prelude to Easter, Christ’s Passion enacts a Biblical journey from Creation to Doomsday, including the fall of Lucifer, Garden of Eden, Noah’s flood, and the nativity, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ.
Developed at Notre Dame in 1996, Mark Pilkinton’s adaptation of Christ’s Passion is derived from the English medieval civic religious drama of Chester, N-Town, and Wakefield, as well as the Cornish Cycle, the Quem Quaeritis trope, and an occasional reference to the King James Bible. Pilkinton, who retired from FTT last spring after more than thirty years in the department, first directed and produced Christ’s Passion in Washington Hall with a cast of thirty-eight.

This new production, directed by professor Anton Juan, features a cast of twelve actors, all of whom play multiple roles. Influenced by the pageantry of the medieval popular theatre, the production evokes a carnival atmosphere with music and dancing. The set, designed by professor Marcus Stephens, will feature a medieval pageant wagon, a movable stage much like a modern parade float, which will be wheeled into the Philbin Studio Theatre to provide the background for the action.

While the medieval spirit will be present, the production is intended to speak to today’s world. The costumes, designed by professor Richard E. Donnelly, draw upon a steampunk aesthetic to create a post-apocalyptic look.


There you have it, should be interesting. Enjoy!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Cinema Renovation!

In the cinema they are working on a minor upgrade that will have major benefits! The bottom step area of the stairs in the Browning has been changed as a precaution to help prevent falls. They have extended an area of light linoleum at the bottom so as to make it more noticeable that you are making that final step. Also the rug in Row C has been removed so the floor matches the rest of the rows. This part is still being worked on, but will be completed soon.  Please take a look on your next shift to get accustomed to the changes. Thanks!


The end of April brings us the annual Opera Notre Dame performances in the Decio. This year Opera ND presents Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. I don’t understand German but that translates to The Magic Flute! You may recall the MET Opera performance of The Magic Flute that we have shown in the Browning featuring our Artist-in-Residence, Nathan Gunn. Not sure if Mr. Gunn will have any input on this performance, but hopefully they’ll ask him for some pointers!

Here is the official synopsis:

Mozart’s colorful fantasy opera will be produced in a new staging that sets Sarastro’s magic kingdom in a land of sunlight and surf, where a computer-obsessed Tamino learns to connect in a human way. Presented in German with projected English supertitles.

There are several usher spots still available, so please check it out:

Thursday 4/27 6:30 PM

Friday 4/28 6:30 PM

Saturday 4/29 6:30 PM

Sunday 4/30 1:30 PM