all-in-building-patron-loyalty-through-teamwork-7-638You’ll notice on our African Drumming shifts for next Friday and Saturday that is says “African Drumming and Dance PEP”. Lately when we’ve had added special events to Presenting Series performances, we have dubbed them “PEP”. This stands for Patron Experience Programming. You may recall we had a Karaoke party after the A capella group Vocalosity performed last year. We consider this PEP! So for Friday and Saturday the African Drumming performance is kind of an extension of the Complexions Ballet. Following the ballet the drummers will be leading the patrons from the Decio into the Leighton for some extra Patron Experience!

Speaking of the Patron Experience, our Marketing department is looking for more ways to elevate the Center’s overall customer service. As all of you are front and center interacting with the patrons every shift, you can be a great help for this process. Whatever feedback you get from patrons regarding anything related to the Center, please let us know. Not only the complaints, but the good stuff would be great to hear to! After a shift please let the HM know any comments patrons share with you. If you think of it after you leave for the day, please feel free to email us later. We’ll then compile all the comments on a regular basis and send them to the Marketing department. They will use it to take whatever steps they can to help make the Center the best it can be.  Thanks for your help with this!


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