VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: February Birthdays!






February is around the corner so please wish our February babies a Happy B-day!

2/01 Leslie G.

2/13 Robin L.

2/17 Pete S.

2/18 Diane H.

2/18 Linda O.

2/21 Ashley B.

2/28 Sierra R.


CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Pre-Talks and Chart Topping Albums!

We have a couple of Pre-Talks in the Founder’s Room coming up. First up, this Sunday at 1:00 PM Dan Stowe will be giving the Pre-Talk before the Elias String Quartet. For those of you not familiar with Dan, he directs the Notre Dame Glee Club, Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra and Notre Dame Collegium Musicum. So he’s quite busy!

Next month we have a Pre-Talk before Cuarteto Casals on February 12th at 1:00 PM. This talk will be done by Dr. Mark Doerries. Dr. Doerries is the Artistic Director of the Notre Dame Children’s Choir.

(Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame)

Which brings us exciting news about the Notre Dame Children’s Choir! This past November their album “O Emmanuel” debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Traditional Classical Albums chart! I’m not sure how much competition there is in the Traditional Classical Albums chart, but still that is quite the achievement! None of my albums have charted anywhere, at any time.

callout_image_o_emmanuel_cd Anyways, this album is also of note because it was recorded this past May right here in the Leighton Concert Hall! So if you want to record a chart topping album, our building is the place to do it. Congrats goes out to Dr. Doerries and all the children that make up this fine choir.

For more news on it please check out this article:




Many of you got to meet some of our newbies at the Hot Chocolate Party on Monday. They are getting in their first shifts starting this week. If you’re working with any of our new crew over the weekend please feel free to impart your ushering wisdom upon them!

Here they are:


Sharyl D.

Hometown- Evansville

Occupation- Public Relations/Marketing

Hobbies- Quilting

Favorite Food- Blaze Pizza

Favorite Live Performance- Ballet d’Opera Paris

Favorite Artist- Andrea Bocelli

Lastly,  I love living at Eddy Street Commons.


img_7175Sharon J.

Hometown- I was born in Batavia NY.

Hobbies- I love reading and walking.

Favorite food- anything that has pasta in it.

Favorite Live Performance- I saw Wicked with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth the second week it was on Broadway.

Favorite Artist- I love anything Mozart.

Lastly, I love any live theatre!


img_7160Tom N.

Hometown-  Fort Smith, AR

Occupation- part-time editor and part-time playwright

Hobbies- rockhounding, woodworking, church choir

Favorite Food- my Aunt Rose’s fried chicken

Favorite Live Performance- Die Fledermaus at the Royal Opera House

Favorite Artist- William Shakespeare, the greatest writer who ever lived.

Lastly, every year I do line coaching and diction training for four student plays at Trinity School.


img_7156Sue P.

 Hometown – South Bend

Occupation – Assistant Director, Development Donor Services at the University of Notre Dame

Hobbies – Walking, reading, cross stitching, cooking and baking

Favorite Food – Pasta

Favorite Live Performance – Jersey Boys 

Favorite Artist – Yanni

Lastly, I have a wonderful family that I enjoy spending time with.


img_7178Gary O.

Hometown- Growing up in Commack, Long Island, NY. Most Recent is Monroe, New Hampshire for 16 years prior to moving to South Bend in 2013.

Occupation-  Retired New York City Police Detective.  Worked in social work for 15 years after retiring from the NYPD. Now I am retired since June 2016 and loving it!

Hobbies- include reading, walking, and volunteering.

Favorite food- is Italian pasta, sausage, and meatballs!

Favorite live performance-  Les Miserables, seconded by Wicked.

My favorite artist- Harry Chapin.

Lastly, I love being a G-Paw to my two grandsons, and being able to spend time with the family.


img_7167Linda O.

Hometown-  Long Island, NY

Occupation- Business Coordinator for Women’s Care Center

Hobbies- Traditional Rug hooking; quilting, reading, knitting, puzzles, walking & playing with my grandsons.

Favorite Food- dark chocolate!  LOL  Not sure if that’s even in the food group.  I basically like everything!

Favorite Live Performance- Musicals- Probably Wicked

Favorite Artist-  I have many.  Not sure I can really narrow it down.  Tom Hanks is one of my top favorites though.

Lastly, I’m a nana to 2 precious little boys. I have an amazing family and I love life!


img_7164Christine R.

Hometown- I was born in Austria, but grew up in Chicago. I having been living with my husband in La Porte, IN, for the last 26 years.

Occupation- I’m a retired educator and still teach an adult English as a Second Language class for our local literacy organization. I also serve on their board.

Hobbies- I practice yoga, walk regularly, cook a lot, and maintain an organic garden. I also like to embroider and learn Spanish (slow going here).

Favorite Live Performance- I love all the arts: live dance, live theater, live music, although I’ve never been to a rock concert; it’s mostly been jazz/blues, classical, folk, gospel, and world music.

Favorite Artist- I don’t have a favorite art form or artist. I guess I’d say I’m just enamored with artistic talent in general and moved by the visual arts as well. Maybe I secretly wish I had been an artist myself!

Lastly,  I like to talk politics with an open mind and am a strong supporter of democratic institutions and inclusive communities.



TIP OF THE WEEK: Audience Feedback

engage_headerLast week I mentioned if you could let us know any patron input after a shift, as Marketing is compiling it to find ways to enhance the customer experience. Just wanted to forward along another good tool for this if any patrons want to submit their thoughts.

The DPAC website performingarts.nd.edu has a spot specifically for patrons to use to “Sound Off”!

The full address for the Sound Off Now page is:


Please feel free to take a look to familiarize yourself with it and if any patrons want to submit feedback, they are more than welcome. Thanks!


all-in-building-patron-loyalty-through-teamwork-7-638You’ll notice on our African Drumming shifts for next Friday and Saturday that is says “African Drumming and Dance PEP”. Lately when we’ve had added special events to Presenting Series performances, we have dubbed them “PEP”. This stands for Patron Experience Programming. You may recall we had a Karaoke party after the A capella group Vocalosity performed last year. We consider this PEP! So for Friday and Saturday the African Drumming performance is kind of an extension of the Complexions Ballet. Following the ballet the drummers will be leading the patrons from the Decio into the Leighton for some extra Patron Experience!

Speaking of the Patron Experience, our Marketing department is looking for more ways to elevate the Center’s overall customer service. As all of you are front and center interacting with the patrons every shift, you can be a great help for this process. Whatever feedback you get from patrons regarding anything related to the Center, please let us know. Not only the complaints, but the good stuff would be great to hear to! After a shift please let the HM know any comments patrons share with you. If you think of it after you leave for the day, please feel free to email us later. We’ll then compile all the comments on a regular basis and send them to the Marketing department. They will use it to take whatever steps they can to help make the Center the best it can be.  Thanks for your help with this!