TIP OF THE WEEK: Coat Check!


This month we’ll have to put Coat Check back into the mix (I know…boooo!!!) so I wanted to give you a little refresher. We’re planning to start regularly staffing it after Fall Break but we’ll do it earlier if a sudden cold front rolls through town. Here are some reminders:


  • Collect, store, and return items dropped off by patrons.
  • Provide patrons with coat check numbered tag, keeping the other numbered tag with checked item and the hanger that also has the number marked on it.
  • Keep the hangers in numerical order when hanging up the coats.
  • Answer patron questions regarding venue facilities and event details.
  • Inform house management of any security, medical, or other problems.
  • In case of emergency evacuation, close coat check immediately so patrons don’t try to get their coats before evacuating. Priority is to get patrons out quickly and safely.
  • Help assist House Manager or Student House Manager with additional patron services as required, i.e. getting a wheelchair or Assistive Listening Device if needed.
  • Keep coat check clean and organized at all times.
  • Please return to coat check at intermission as well as at end of the show.
  • Restore coat check area at end of shift by organizing docent materials and re-organizing and re-tagging hangers in the racks as necessary.

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