TIP OF THE WEEK: Cinema Patron Behavior!


interruptWe received a complaint regarding patrons’ behavior during a film and want to make sure we are on top of this and minimize distractions during screenings. Last year we instituted having an usher walk up and down the aisle at least once during a shift to make sure no one is using electronic devices or talking. It seems that this practice has not been done and we need to make it a habit.

Please make sure that at least one of the ushers working the shift does the mid-film walk down the aisle. We will be having the student do this as well, so determine before the house opens which usher is going to do the walk up and down the aisle (most likely the inside usher) and make sure it is the opposite side of the student. Please do your walk at different times and coordinate this with the student beforehand.

This hopefully will encourage patrons to put away their devices visually so we don’t have to go to them personally, as that causes a distraction too. We know this won’t stop everyone but please use your best judgment when encountering a disruptive patron as to not cause more of a disruption.

The projectionist or whomever is introducing the film should mention to put away electronic devices pre-show, but ticket scanning ushers please also mention this to patrons as they are entering the venue. If we reinforce it enough, hopefully some patrons will get a clue.

Some screenings (like this season’s Tuesday night screenings) are films for a class that are also open to the public. The students who are there might be treating it as a class. As this perhaps isn’t a film they would normally go see, they might be disinterested and more likely to cause a distraction. Be especially aware in these screenings as there are regular paying patrons among them that are on a night out to see an engaging film, as opposed to a class requirement.

Please remember that while you can still enjoy the film on these shifts, always know that your first priority is to the patrons and that we do our best to ensure that they have a positive experience in our building. Thanks!


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