TIP OF THE WEEK: MET Opera Pronunciations




The Ticket Office had this handy, so I thought I’d share. We all love the MET Operas but what are we watching really? This should help for our current season:

Tristan und Isolde –                TRIS-tan und ee-ZOL-da

Don Giovanni –                      Don geo-VAH-nee

L’Amour de Loin –                 l’a-more de Loo-ah

The Magic Flute –                  The Magic Flute (even I got that one!)

Nabucco –                               nah-BOO-co

Romeo et Juliette –                 Romeo et Juliet (I got that one too!)

Rusalka –                                roo-SAHL-kah

La Traviata –                           la TRA-vee-ah-ta

Idomeneo –                             ee-DOM-men-AY-oh

Eugene Onegin –                    you-GENE o-NAY-gin (hard g like in “go”)

Der Rosenkavalier –               Der ROSEN-KAV-a-leer

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