CENTER HIGHLIGHT: 9/14 ND Forum Ticketing Info

jim_lehrer_300 janet_brown_300 bob_schieffer_300 dorothy_ridings_200









Just wanted to inform everyone of what the ticketing situation will be for this week’s ND Forum event on Wednesday.

RSVP LIVE EVENT TICKETS: The RSVP capacity has been reached. RSVP patrons’ seats will be assigned the day of the event. Their tickets can only be picked up from 6:00pm-6:45pm on the day of the event. All unclaimed RSVPs will be forfeited at 6:45pm.

OVERFLOW TICKETS: The Overflow venue will be available so all Overflow ushers, you’ll definitely be on for the event.  The live event will be streamed in the Decio. Tickets for the OVERFLOW will be available beginning at 6:00pm the night of the event.

STANDBY FOR LIVE EVENT: At 6:45pm, all unclaimed tickets for the LIVE event will be used to seat any patrons waiting in standby.

We look forward to hosting this exciting event!


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