CENTER HIGHLIGHT: The FTT Season Kicks Off Soon!

unnamed (1)This year’s Film, Theatre and Television performances start at the end of September.

ND Theatre NOW runs from September 29th to October 9th. Many of you are already signed up for these September shifts. The performances in the Philbin will be of two one-act plays written by current students in FTT’s Playwriting program:

In Paradisum by Tori Babcock ’17 and The Pink Pope by Taeyin ChoGlueck ’14, MFA ’17

Next up for FTT is Frankenstein. Adapted for the stage by Tim Kelly from the Mary Shelley classic. This will run in the Decio from November 9th to November 13th. This year celebrates 200 years since Mary Shelley conceived the idea for the novel.

The Spring brings us I and You by Lauren Gunderson. It will run in the Decio from March 1st to March 5th, 2017. The play centers on two high school classmates who spark an unexpected connection as they are drawn together by a poetry assignment.

FTT’s final 2016-2017 performance is Christ’s Passion: Medieval Mystery Plays. It runs in the Philbin from April 5th to April 12th, 2017. This was adapted by Mark Pilkinton. It was developed at Notre Dame in 1996 and originally produced in Washington Hall, presented now as a prelude to Easter.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Parking Vouchers

In anticipation of parking getting worse in the coming months, the Center has started a voucher program with the Eddy Street Commons parking lot. We now have vouchers that patrons can have if they are parking in the Eddy Street lot for one of our performances. If any patron asks for a voucher while the Ticket Office is open, please send them there. If the Ticket Office is closed, please let the house manager or student house manager know and we’ll get them one. Note these are for PAYING customers only.

The way they work is the patron first gets a ticket when they park their car. We give them a voucher ticket here. When they go to exit the parking lot after the performance, they first put in the machine their original ticket and then the voucher ticket that we provide. Then the arm should lift up and they’ll be on their way. A few patrons have already been using them during The Tempest and so far, so good.

VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: Congrats to John LoSecco!  

losecco180One of our fine ushers, John LoSecco was published recently in the Journal “Physics in Perspective”. His memoir details his involvement with the discovery of the atmospheric neutrino anomaly.  While I’m not sure what I just wrote, I’m sure John can tutor us during a future briefing! Anyways, congratulations to John on his work and please feel free to check out this news article written about him:

TIP OF THE WEEK: NDSF- The Tempest “Beyond the Stage” Pre-Talks This Week!

As our successful run of The Tempest goes into its second week, we have several pre-talks coming up in the Philbin.

Peter Holland

It starts off on Thursday 8/25 at 6:30 PM with the discussion: “Late Shakespeare” led by Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Peter Holland.





Friday 8/26 at 6:30 will be “Riding the Tempest:  America’s Connection to Shakespeare” with NDSF Artistic Director (and friend to the ushers) Grant Mudge.





The series will wrap up on Saturday 8/27 at 6:30 PM with the talk “Sweet Airs that Give Delight: Music in The Tempest” led by musician and music teacher Sarah Huebsch. Come on down if you’d like to learn more about Shakespeare before the festival ends.

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Emergency Action Plan Training

eapThank you for your attendance on Tuesday night. We hope everyone learned a lot from it. We learned a lot putting it together and there is still much more as safety preparedness is ongoing. We ask that over the course of the week please send us any questions you have regarding what we covered (or didn’t cover).

To recap, we started out with our opening remarks and Grant Mudge from the Shakespeare Festival had some kind words for all of you and shared his appreciation for your work at the Center and, of course, your love of Shakespeare! We then went on our tour of the safety locations in the building. We pointed out all exits from the building and the venues. We also pointed out anything safety related such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, campus phones, first aid kits, and AED machines. After our lengthy tour (yes we know it was long!) we sat in the Browning, had some snacks and listened to the presentations. DPAC Production Manager Ryan Retartha covered the reasons for the training and what the University and Center has in place to promote safety. I covered the responsibilities of the ushers, then went through our responsibilities during a medical emergency. Ryan then covered shelter-in-place and lockdown situations. Sergeant Tracy Skibins with NDSP gave her presentation on Active Shooter scenarios. Then both Ryan and I talked about evacuation procedures and set up our scenario. We all went to our positions. The evacuation went successfully with all of our ushers and “patrons” finding their way out of the building quickly. We then reconvened in the Browning where Greg Merrifield with NDFD went over our evacuation and answered our questions. Then we had ice cream! (This may be news to some who had to leave at 9:00, so if you did perhaps we’ll have an ice cream bar with your name on it…especially if your name is Snickers.)

Very special thanks to our guests Tracy Skibins from NDSP and Greg Merrifield from NDFD. They were both impressed with your attentiveness and your commitment to the process. They are open to answering any of your questions. Many of you had really good questions on Tuesday and we’d like to hear any others. I’ll send out the answers to everyone in the next few weeks.

All ushers who couldn’t make it, we have packets of the training which includes Tracy Skibins’ Active Shooter presentation. Please review it as it will still be helpful, even though you weren’t able to take part in the tour or live evacuation. We hope you can make it the next time.

When we get our inquiries answered, everyone please feel free to add the questions and answers to your packets.

Thanks so much and we look forward to doing this again and learning even more. We hope that we never have to encounter any of these situations, but being as prepared as possible is the best we can do.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Temporary ADA Ramp

As many of you know our main elevators have been out of commission. They are being worked on as we speak, but in anticipation of them not being ready in time for our events coming this week, a temporary ADA ramp has been added to our lobby. The ramp inclines from the Main Lobby to the Main Mezz and is towards the middle, alongside the railing closer to the Leighton side. Believe me, you won’t miss it!

Please notify a House Manager or student usher (starting Wednesday) if you see a patron in a wheelchair preparing to use this ramp. If you find yourself in a position to help the patron please note the recommended safest way to use it is to slowly move the patron up the incline and when going down the incline to slowly take the patron backwards from the Mezz level. Also note that for any ADA patrons that are going to the balcony, the Freight Elevator is currently in operation.

We hope to have this situation resolved as quickly as possible but need to be prepared just in case.