TIP OF THE WEEK: DeBartolo Online Ticket Sales Closed For Maintenance!

pile-red-tickets-close-up-horizontal-2089397If you’ve been to the DeBartolo website: performingarts.nd.edu you may have noticed that online ticket sales are closed for maintenance. We plan to have it up and running before the Presenting Series ticket sales go live in August. Those dates, by the way, are August 15th for season ticket purchases and August 29th for individual performance purchases.

As for the events taking place in July and August: the classic films and ANDKids tickets will be available by coming down to the ticket office in person or by phone at 574-631-2800, Monday-Friday 12:00 PM-5:00 PM.

The summer’s Shakespeare Festival events have a link from our website to purchase tickets. You’ll see on the Shakespeare events that there is a BUY NOW! button. That takes you to the Shakespeare Festival’s website. You can purchase tickets online here, as well as in person or on the phone at our ticket office. If the tickets are purchased through the Shakespeare website, they’ll still be printed and handed out from our ticket office as normal, but it’s just a different route than usual. Hope that clears up any questions you may have had. Thanks!


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