CENTER HIGHLIGHT: The 2016 Usher Recognition Ceremony and Dinner


DSCF3554We had a great turnout for this year’s event. Over 70 ushers and staff were in attendance, including our newly-minted Executive Director: Ted Barron! Thank you to all who could make it out on the beautiful summer day and thanks to all ushers for your service to us over the years.

As for the dinner portion of the evening, the side dishes were terrific as always, thanks to everyone for bringing such delicious treats! If anyone wanted to get one of the usher recipe books that Molly compiled last year, please let us know. We have spare copies in our office.

After the tasty chicken and potluck dinner we all shared our favorite events of the past year. The favorites were many and show what a great and diverse selection of performances we have to choose from here at the Center.


The most popular were the massive events: the Conversation with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the 1916 Irish Rebellion Premiere with Liam Neeson. But so many more were mentioned by all of you. Let’s try to get through all (or at least most) of them!

There were music and dance performances such as Third Coast Percussion’s Inuksuit in Beutter Park, Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra, Sean Curran Dance, Gesualdo String Quartet (now known as the Solera Quartet), Boston Brass, Glee Club and NDSO’s Christmas Concert, Arturo O’Farrill, Trinity Irish Dance, Paul Appleby, A Capella Festival Concert, the Tallis Scholars, Notre Dame Jazz Band, Diavolo Dance, the Fischoff Competition and Southold Dance- Copelia

Our favorite stage performances included: William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (and it’s 700 performances!), LA Theatre Works- Dracula, FTT’s Little Shop of Horrors and Pride & Prejudice.

Our vast Browning programming was represented by the MET Operas, National Theatre Live performances- including Skylight, the Film Noir series, The Jewish Film Festival and individual films such as The Salt of the Earth, Brooklyn, Embrace of the Serpent, Where to Invade Next, and of course Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (no?.. okay, fine… I didn’t even see it.)

Our yearly events that were highlighted include the (Floodless!) Football Awards, Commencements including the Music Department with Arturo Sandoval and ROTC, and finally, yes, even Game Day Masses got a mention! I’m starting this season’s wait-list right now!

Did I get everything? So much to choose from!

Following our discussion of the best of the past year, we gave out our awards. This year we gave out the most pins yet! Congratulations again go out to our ushers who were recognized for their hours of service:










500 Hours:

Rosalina A.

Greg D.

Greg O.

Alice O.

Mary W.

Phyllis W.










750 Hours:

Pat G.

Dick H.

Diane H.

Louann K.

John L.

Shelby M.

Germana N.

Norma W.






1000 Hours:

Art C.

Anastasia G.

Nancy M.

Pete S.

Becky T.

Stephen W.









1250 Hours:

Katie P.

Marilyn S.


1500 Hours:

Katie P.

Our all-time top hours ushers also got a gift too. A candy bar! Can’t beat that, right?

Special thanks to Molly G., Jule P., Marilyn W., and Mark K. for their many years of service!

If you weren’t at the ceremony and are one of this year’s pin earners please ask a house manager on your next shift and we’ll gladly give you your pin.

After the awards, we gathered in the Browning for a group picture. That’s a good looking bunch!






Katherine just dropped us a note thanking us for not photo shopping her into the picture considering her appearance the last time we saw her in the Browning. (Just clarifying that was Katherine’s joke and not mine!) It’s so great to see that she is in good spirits and can still have her wonderful sense of humor about the situation! We’ll make sure we get her in the next group picture!

Following the picture we closed the eventful night with a screening of the ever-magnificent Raiders of the Lost Ark.

As always, thanks so much for donating so much of your time and energy to us. The Center couldn’t be as successful as it is without your tremendous help! We look forward to another great year and doing this again next June!


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