Please wish our May babies a Happy B-day!

5/01 Megan S.

5/05 Barb S.

5/15 John Po.

5/17 Phyllis W.

5/20 Patrick S.

5/22 Joe H.

5/23 Lizzie K.

5/30 Dolores V.

5/30 Maureen K.



300_nd_day_bottlecap_logoThis Sunday April 24th at 6:42 PM through Monday April 25th at 11:59 PM is Notre Dame Day! This is a large fundraising event for the University that they’ve been having for the last several years. During this time there will be a live broadcast from all over campus (including DPAC!) to celebrate and raise money. ND Day is exciting for us because some of the money is raised to support artistic and academic programming at the Center!

When people put in their donations, they get votes and can allocate their votes to whatever area of interest they choose. One of the most important “Areas of Interest” is, of course, the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center! The more votes an Area of Interest gets, the more percentage of money from the $1,000,000 ND Day collection goes to that area.

The donation site is open currently (you don’t have to wait until Sunday!) and if you are interested in giving to the University please check out the website at:

More importantly, if you’re interested in helping the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center raise money, we’ll cut out the middle man and you can go to:

You’ll see many names of our staff listed, as we’ve given $10.00 to each get 5 votes (and of course used all 5 votes for DeBartolo!). $10.00 is the minimum donation and it gets you 5 votes to use. (Tip- If you donate more money, you won’t get many more votes, so $10 is the ideal amount.)

I’ll give you some pointers on how to donate, as this site isn’t the most user-friendly.

When you go to the DeBartolo page (or the page of whatever Area of Interest you choose) and want to donate, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click: “Donate Now”

Now that page brings you to a page where you can enter your payment information. After doing so you again click at the bottom: “Donate Now”

It gets a little confusing from here on because the way to donate has been changed since the DPAC staff made our donations earlier this week. I think the site probably got some complaints and made helpful changes. So please don’t quote me on any of these steps but it should help you get through the process.

It may ask you to choose your “Areas of Interest”. The Areas of Interest are all in alphabetical order, but there are hundreds of Areas of Interest! So, for example, to pick DeBartolo (of course if you choose that as your Area of Interest, don’t mean to twist your arm!):

  • Type “DEBARTOLO” in the “Search” window that is next to “Areas of Interest”.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon and “DeBartolo Performing Arts Center” will come up.
  • In that box click “Give & Vote” or whatever it says to get you to the voting page.

Now should be the time to enter your 5 votes

  • You use the “+” button to add your 5 votes to DeBartolo (if you’re going to vote for us, of course).
  • If you want to spread votes around it will give you the option to choose other Areas of Interest as well.
  • When done putting in your votes you can click the button at the bottom of the window and that puts your votes through. (Note- DON’T click the button that asks if you want your votes sent to random Areas of Interest, unless of course that’s what you want to do).

Simple! Ha!

Now please don’t feel obligated to do this because we all know that you give so much of your time and energy to us and the University already, but any help will always be appreciated! There you go! Thanks!

Usher Appreciation Month!

To celebrate Usher Appreciation Month we had some ice cream last week! Sorry we didn’t have ice cream all month, but it gets a little costly and, let’s face it, it isn’t very healthy! But we can have fun every now and then, right?!

Thank you to all of the ushers who took part in filling the 202 (!) openings we had from  Wednesday to Sunday.  Please check out the festivities below:

20160416_220012 20160416_223038 20160416_215915 20160416_221841 20160416_215727 20160416_220421 20160416_172300 IMG_9309 IMG_7663 IMG_5177 IMG_5083 IMG_4267 IMG_0687

TIP OF THE WEEK: No Comp Tickets for the Jewish Film Festival and Southold Dance

Son-of-Saul-Auschwitz-in-der-Unschaerfe1_image_630_420f_wnJust wanted to let you know that unfortunately a few May events aren’t offering any comps or discounted tickets for ushers or staff. Both the Michiana Jewish Film Festival and Southold Dance are not sponsored by the Center so they have their own ticket rules. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hopefully the ice cream this weekend will cheer you up…and this guy in the picture.

SPECIAL EVENT: April is Volunteer Appreciation Month!

Volunteer Appreciation Month is upon us and what better way to show our appreciation then to have like a million shifts for you to work this month! Just kidding there, but seriously you have done a great job filling the multitude of April shifts and next week we want to do a little something special for everyone to show that we do truly appreciate all of you and know that the Center couldn’t function successfully without you.

vanilla_ice_cream_barSo for the run of Pride and Prejudice from Wednesday April 13th through Sunday April 17th we want to show you that we take great “Pride” in our usher core. If you are ushering any of the Pride and Prejudice shifts or any shifts in that time, you are welcome to have an ice cream bar at the end of your shift. We will keep them in the catering kitchen freezer, so just ask the house manager or student house manager and they’ll take you to get one. And yes if you work multiple shifts you can get an ice cream for each one! Thanks again to everyone for all that you do.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Name Tags Order Instructions

name-tagWith our new crop of ushers we are at the time of year to order name tags. (Note that name tags are NOT mandatory.  You do not need a name tag to show exemplary customer service!)  Please read through the instructions very carefully if you are interested in this option:

(NOTE: Actual name tag looks better than this!)

  • Name tags will be a cost of $8.00 to you.  Open the attachment to see the design.
  • Please bring $8.00 in cash (cash only please!) in an envelope labeled with your first and last name and tell us your PREFERRED first name for the name tag.
  • If you’d like to place an order, you can bring the money in on one of your shifts. Please give the envelope to a House Manager only. If you are working a Screening and there is no House Manager on the premises, please wait until you are working a House Manager supervised shift. Also you can stop by the House Manager’s office during the week.  There is usually someone there Monday-Friday between 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Our office is 111 DPAC and says House Managers on it. It is next to the coat check side entrance.
  • To give us a head’s up, please send us an email to let us know that you do want one and if you plan to stop by the office or bring the money to a shift.
  • Also if cost is an issue and you really want a name tag, please contact us.
  • Please put in your order by Sunday April 17th.

When the name tags arrive we will get them to you on one of your shifts.