TIP OF THE WEEK: Usher Locker Room Sign In

War-Games-1983Sometimes when ushers go into the usher locker room, the computer is not logged on and that causes a problem if you want to start your time clock. Now we have a login that all ushers can use if this occurs. The instructions will be up on the board, above the computer.

If you come in and the computer is dark, you can move the mouse and this should start up the computer. If moving the mouse or pressing any keys do not start it up, please wait until a house manager or student is available to help.

When the screen comes up, you can log in using the instruction sheet.

For reference: the login is .\usher and the password is Debartolo1

 This will all make more sense when you’re in the usher locker room.

Please click here to view the instructions:

Usher Sign-in Instructions


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