bday 3






Please wish our March birthday people a happy birthday!

3/5 Elaine T.

3/14 Dulce M.

3/21 Phyllis L.

3/24 Caitlin C.

3/24 Norma W.




 We wanted to let you know about a few changes in the cinema shifts for March. First up is that we have added a spot for each cinema shift this month. We know March was short on shifts so we wanted to add ushers wherever we could so you can stay busy! The spots are up now so please feel free to fill in any that aren’t filled yet.

We are also adding more duties for the students who work the cinema shifts. While the projectionists will still be in charge of the screenings, the students will be more like Student House Managers and you can go to them to help with any issues. They won’t be scanning unless we are short an usher. As for our usher placements, we will have two ushers (one at each door) scanning, one usher inside the venue, and one usher greeting.

Recently many ushers are finding trouble signing in and out on the upstairs tablet for screenings. If you have any problems with the tablet, please feel free to sign in and out at the usher locker room computer. If you have any problems signing in or out at either the usher locker room computer or the upstairs tablet please just email us your in and out times and we’ll take care of it.

Also please note that the screening shift times usually have an end time that is well after the movie has ended. We don’t expect you to stay for all this time, we just pad that out to account for any Q & As or other post screening events that could happen. So if you see that the shift ends at, let’s say, 10:30 PM but the movie ended at 9:00 PM, we expect you to clock out after your after-show duties are complete. So generally this will be about 15 minutes after the film ends. Hopefully that clears up some confusion and doesn’t add any!

Finally, in March our new ushers will be starting their first cinema shifts so please lend them a hand if needed. Thanks!

SPECIAL EVENTS: The winner of the Guest Services Usher Screening is….

….almost too close to call, but The Martian has at the last minute pulled ahead of the pack! Matt Damon has triumphed over all and will try to find his way back to Earth on Tuesday March 8th at 6:00 PM in the Browning Cinema!






This year was the closest race in recent memory as 4 of our 5 nominees got substantial votes. As for the 5th, it looks like most of you chose not to walk in the woods with Nick Nolte.








Probably a wise decision, though I hear the movie’s pretty good.

So now that you know we are showing The Martian, please confirm that you will be attending. If you can’t make it, or are upset that A Walk in the Woods wasn’t chosen, please remove yourself from the shift so we can get an accurate count of who’s coming. (This way we’ll know how much popcorn to make!) And as always our Guest Services Usher Screening is open to your significant others, so please feel free to bring them.

Center Highlight: The Bear and Afterplay

bear_afterplay_final_164x200Film, Television and Theatre’s latest production is up and running in the Philbin, through next Sunday (February 28th). The performance is actually made up of two one-act plays: The Bearand AfterplayThe Bear is up first followed by intermission and then Afterplay. Both plays are directed by FTT professor Carys Kresny and will be presented in an “in the round” format, so audience seating will be on all sides of the theatre. Also each play has a different cast of student performers.

Both plays were written by renowned Irish playwright Brian Friel and each is based on plays by Anton Chekhov. The Bear is based on Chekhov’s The BearAfterplay contains characters from two Chekhov works: Uncle Vanya and Three Sisters. It should make for an interesting night at the Center. There are a few spots available, so please pick one up if you’d like to see the plays.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Usher Locker Room Sign In

War-Games-1983Sometimes when ushers go into the usher locker room, the computer is not logged on and that causes a problem if you want to start your time clock. Now we have a login that all ushers can use if this occurs. The instructions will be up on the board, above the computer.

If you come in and the computer is dark, you can move the mouse and this should start up the computer. If moving the mouse or pressing any keys do not start it up, please wait until a house manager or student is available to help.

When the screen comes up, you can log in using the instruction sheet.

For reference: the login is .\usher and the password is Debartolo1

 This will all make more sense when you’re in the usher locker room.

Please click here to view the instructions:

Usher Sign-in Instructions