CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Meet Our New Ushers!

Our new ushers have begun working this past week and so far, so good! If you see them on a shift please say hello and give them a hand if they need it. Here is a little info on each so you can get to know them a little bit:

20160120_175149Marilyn C.

Hometown: Logansport, Indiana

Occupation: Occupational Therapist with the South Bend Community Schools

Hobbies: biking, downhill and cross-country skiing, walking, sewing, knitting…I like to do most crafty things, live music and theater.

Favorite Food: anything except fishy-fish and mega-farmed (not fresh) veggies.

Favorite Live Performance: often whatever I last saw live ranging from Logansport Children’s Choir to the South Bend Chamber Singers; Jessye Norman to my Dad singing “I Know an Old Lady”; Adams High School Marching Band to Crosby, Stills and Nash; The Lion King on Broadway to Aida at SBCSC Summerfly.

Favorite Artist: Can’t choose. Someone to watch: Cassia Scagnoli, senior at Logansport HS will be doing great things.

20160112_180830Mary C.

Hometown: Navy brat- Coronado, CA and Norfolk, VA predominantly. Highland Park, IL and Richmond, VA more recently

Occupation: now- retired. Previously- Advertising; WNDU & WSBT; Time-Life Fulfillment (renewals)

Hobbies: horticulture, knitting, sewing, movies

Favorite Food; everything!

Favorite Live Performance: Lyric Opera- Mephistopheles or Placid Domingo singing the national anthem at a White Sox game

Favorite Artist: John Singer Sargent

Lastly: if you’ve met me, you probably know me

20160112_181212Linda D.

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Occupation: Retired high school English teacher. Worked for 17 years as a journalist at the South Bend Tribune before that.

Hobbies: Reading and writing

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Live Performance: Lily Tomlin’s “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe”

Favorite Artist: Bob Dylan

Lastly: I want to get my novels published!

20160112_180913John G.

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Occupation: Realtor

Hobbies: extreme gardening/antiques

Favorite Food: all foods

Favorite Live Performance: Led Zeppelin, Chicago amphitheater-1969

Favorite Artist: M.C. Escher

Lastly: I’m a child of God!

20160112_180858Peg G.

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Occupation: Registered Nurse in the Operating Room

Hobbies: Reading, medical mission trips, antique collecting, coffee roasting

Favorite Food: almost any kind of international food, probably almost any kind of food period

Favorite Live Performance: My Fair Lady on Broadway or Blue Man Group

20160112_180924Joanne K.

Hometown:  42 years in Martinsville, New Jersey.  Now we spend October – May in South Bend and June – September at the Jersey Shore.

Occupation:  Retired Administrator for a 10 doctor Podiatry Group

Hobbies:  baking, sewing, crocheting, painting (walls, objects…)

Favorite Food:  baked tortellini

Favorite Live Performance:  We attended more than 50 Broadway shows over the years and one of my many favorites was “Chicago”

Favorite Artist:  Benedict Cumberbatch, especially as Sherlock; musical group – 5th Dimension

Lastly: I am very much looking forward to ushering at the DeBartolo!

20160112_181222Andy K.

Hometown: Glenview, Illinois

Occupation: Intellectual Property Lawyer (retired)

Hobbies: Golf, gardening, fishing, building LEGO sets with my grandchildren

Favorite Food: Crab cakes (preferably from Clyde’s of Georgetown)

Favorite Live Performance: Simon & Garfunkel in concert

Favorite Artist: James Taylor

20160112_181302Ellen L.

Hometown: Could be South Bend. Since I graduated from Clay H.S  I have lived in Bloomington, IN, Astoria, OR, Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, Kent, WA, Columbus, IN, Huntsville, AL, Everett, WA, Seattle, WA, Brussels, Belgium, Grotteferrata, Italy and now South Bend again.

Occupation: Medical Technologist for almost 30 years. most recently in microbiology in a veterinary laboratory (retired)

Hobbies: Fiber Arts, more specifically knitting, spinning, weaving

Favorite Food: Cheese (just like Wallace from Wallace & Gromit)

Favorite Live Performance:  Diavolo, performances of Shakespeare in a replica of the Globe Theater in St. George, Utah, Cirque du Soleil, Shakespeare in London

Favorite artist: Today it’s Ansel Adams

20160112_180939Nancy Jo P.

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Occupation: Retired June 2015 as librarian at Washington High School in South Bend

Hobbies: Reading (appropriate for a librarian), aerobics, gardening

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Live Performances: Nathan Gunn in Show Boat and Barber of Seville at Lyric Opera, Chicago

Favorite Artist: Nathan Gunn

Lastly: I’m looking forward to viewing many memorable performances at DeBartolo. I can only hope that my performance as an usher will meet your high standards!

20160112_181711Chuck R.

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Occupation: Sales

Hobbies: Backpacking and Hiking

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Live Performance: Virgil Fox and the Pablo Lights

Favorite Artist: Chloe (singer formally with Celtic Woman)

20160112_181356Janice S.

Hometown: Niles, MI

Occupation: Executive Assistant at Memorial Epworth Center- South Bend, IN

Hobbies: Hiking, biking any outdoor activities

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Live Performance: Godspell

Favorite Artist: Elton John

20160112_180809John Y.

Hometown: I was born and went through school in Napoleon, Ohio. After high school graduation I went to an Engineering school in Cleveland, Ohio. From there I enlisted in the Air Force for 4 years.

Occupation: I worked for Advanced Drainage Systems (owned by Frank Eck) for 19 years as a Plant Manager, worked for Sauder Woodworking Co. for 20 years as an Engineer and Supervisor, now retired.

Hobbies: Woodworking, traveling, camping, and family

Favorite Food: I like all foods, pizza tops them all.

Favorite Live Performance: Our grandkids are part of the Lerner Theater in Elkhart so my wife and I are there to watch them perform a lot. I have always enjoyed piano music, choir performances, plays, about everything.

20160112_180951Linda Y.

Hometown: My hometown is a small town in Northwest Ohio- Napoleon, Ohio.

Occupation: I am retired.  I was a preschool teacher.  Teaching preschoolers was never a job for me.  It was more an act of love every day.

Hobbies: My hobbies are quilting, sewing, scrapbooking and anything to do with our grandchildren.

Favorite Food: I love Mexican food.

Favorite Live Performance: I enjoy all live performances.  Right now, I’m thinking of The Blue Man Group.  That was wonderful.

Favorite Artist: Some artists that I enjoy are Kenny G, John Michael Talbot, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Fifth Dimension.  Am I showing my age?

Lastly: Well John & I have been married 50 years, that’s a big deal!  And I guess I’d like people to know I’m a Midwestern farmer’s daughter who is enjoying living in South Bend.  This is the biggest city I have lived in. It seems like it has a small town friendliness about it, but with more.





TIP OF THE WEEK: MET Opera Tickets

met-opera-nycAs the MET Operas have been selling really well and it has been harder for ushers to get comp tickets, we wanted to let you know about a few changes that may help. First up is that the Cinemark Movies 14 is now beginning to show the MET Operas again. This will lessen the crowds at the Browning, but their closure did give us many patrons who now prefer our venue. That being said, it’s hard to tell how many patrons will be attending future Operas. This weekend’s Turandot is SOLD OUT, but we’ll see about sales for the next few.

We know that finding out only an hour before the show starts gives you little time to get ready to come down to the Center to get comp tickets, so we made an adjustment. You can now call the Ticket Office (574-631-2800) on the Friday before the Opera between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM to see if comp tickets are available. (*Note if the Ticket Office is open for a Friday evening film, you can call during those hours as well.) This is at the Ticket Office’s discretion whether or not comps are available, but the Ticket Office worker will let you know.

If tickets are available, you can reserve them to pick up for the next day’s Opera. I will be providing the Ticket Office with a list of our ushers’ names, so please give them your name and the number of tickets you’d like (up to 2). Bring your Usher Perks Card with you to the Ticket Office to pick them up. If for some reason you cannot make the Opera after successfully reserving tickets, please call the Ticket Office to cancel your order. They have to keep as many tickets as possible available to the paying patrons.

Know that you can always still check if comp tickets are available the day of the show, starting one hour prior to showtime. Also, if comp tickets aren’t available but there are a few tickets available, you are more than welcome to purchase them (even though that’s not as fun!)

Thank you for being patient with the changing policies. These changes effect the staff’s ticket perks as well. Many factors come in that are beyond our control in the Guest Services Department. Please be aware that once in a while these factors can impact the perks you receive, but we adjust and try to accommodate the best that we can. Thanks again!

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: The Oscar Nominated Short Films!

oscar shortsIf you watch the Oscars over the years, you may have seen the Short Film categories being announced and wonder, “what are these films?” If the clips look interesting to you your next thought might be “where can I see them?” Well look no further than the Center! Every year in the Browning we showcase the short films from around the world that are nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards.

We will be showing this year’s nominated films on Thursday February 11th and Friday February 12th. Here is the schedule: (*Please note that the start times are the actual screening start times and not the USHER shift start times.)

Thursday February 11th, 2016    6:30 PM

Documentary Short Subject (Program A)

Body Team 12
Directed by David Darg
13 minutes

A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness
Directed by Sharmen Obaid-Chinoy
40 minutes
Panjabi with English subtitles

Last Day of Freedom
Directed by Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman
32 minutes

Thursday February 11th, 2016    8:30 PM

Documentary Short Subject (Program B)

Chau, Beyond the Lines
Directed by Courtney Marsh
34 minutes
Vietnamese with English subtitles

Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah
Directed by Adam Benzine
40 minutes
English and French with English subtitles

Friday February 12th, 2016    6:30 PM

Short Film – Animated

Sanjay’s Super Team
Directed by Sanjay Patel
7 minutes

World of Tomorrow
Directed by Don Hertzfeldt
17 minutes

Bear Story
Directed by Gabriel Osorio
11 minutes
Spanish with English subtitles

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
Directed by Konstantin Bronzit
16 minutes
Russian with English subtitles

Directed by Richard Williams
6 minutes

Additional films to be screened include If I Was God, Taking Flight, The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse, The Loneliest Spotlight, Catch It

Friday February 12th, 2016    9:00 PM

Short Film – Live Action

 Ave Maria
Directed by Basil Khalil
15 minutes
English, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles

Directed by Jamie Donoughue
21 minutes
Albanian and Serbian with English subtitles

Everything Will Be OK
Directed by Patrick Vollrath
30 minutes
German with English subtitles

Directed by Benjamin Cleary
12 minutes

Day One
Directed by Henry Hughes
25 minutes
English and Dari with English subtitles

TIP OF THE WEEK: 2016 Changes

happy-new-year-2016When you come in for your first shift this month you may notice a few changes at the Center.

First up is the Ticket Office window. The glass has been removed and replaced by a sliding door, so when the Ticket Office is open it is easier for patrons to communicate with the Ticket Office workers. You’ll see the difference whenever you’re getting a ticket for a performance.

Next up is in the Browning Cinema. They are installing metal panels on the stair railings in the cinema. These are for aesthetic purposes and will add to the pulchritude (I studied for my SATs once!) of the already beautiful venue.

Something you may not notice is that all of the locks will be changed in the building. This doesn’t affect most of you but you might notice student ushers struggling with new keys! We think they can handle it. Docents, we will update you on the new locks and keys when they are ready.

Lastly, soon you will notice new people. Well not “new” people, they have been people for many years, but at least new to our building. A new crop of volunteer ushers will be coming in to lend a hand. They’ll be on some shifts starting at the end of the month. Please give them a big DPAC welcome!