December begins next week, so let’s send some happiness to our December b-days!

12/1 Kate G.

12/10 Mark K.

12/23 Reynaldo H.

12/25 JoLynn B.

12/29 Katherine J.

12/30 Greg O.


MyVolunteerPage Info

Better-Impact-Logo-for-websiteWith the changes in the Better Impact (MyVolunteerPage) website we are looking at maintenance on our end of the website. We keep all the shift information saved in the system and periodically look to see if we can archive any of it and get it off the system. We currently have the past two years of shift information still saved in the system. If we remove any of this data from the system the ushers will unfortunately not be able to go back and look at what shifts they have worked in the past.

We wanted to check with you to see if this matters to you or not. If we take the info out of the system, we would keep a running tally of the number of hours each usher has worked, but would no longer have information regarding what shifts were worked.

Please drop us a line to let us know if you’d definitely like us to keep the info on the system so you could still have access to past shift info. Thanks!

EVENTS: Little Shop of Horrors This Week (Wednesday 11/18 –Sunday 11/22)!

WP_20151113_10_10_55_ProIf you’re in the building this weekend you may see a large human-eating plant outside the Decio. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe! It’s just a prop from the upcoming Little Shop of Horrors production.


Here is the press release from FTT about the musical:

Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre announces Little Shop of Horrors, Nov. 18-22 in the Decio Mainstage Theatre at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. Directed and choreographed by guest artist Nathan Halvorson, who previously helmed FTT’s production of Cabaret (2013), Little Shop will also feature puppets by special effects makeup artist and puppeteer RJ Haddy, who was a finalist on season two of the Syfy channel’s reality competition series Face Off.

Based on the B-movie by Roger Corman and featuring music and lyrics by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Disney’s Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin), Little Shop of Horrors is perhaps best known for its alien carnivorous plant bent on world domination. “But really it’s about the lengths to which you’ll go to get the things you want,” says Halvorson. “Even good people get lost sometimes.”

“We’re excited to follow up the success of Cabaret with a musical of arguably even broader appeal,” says Kevin Dreyer, FTT’s Director of Theatre. “The response to our announcement of Little Shop has been universally enthusiastic, as evidenced by the large number of students who clamored to be a part of the production. We expect it to be just as appealing to our audiences.”

Haddy, who will be in residence on campus for two weeks to train FTT student puppeteers, will offer a public lecture/demonstration about working with puppets, extreme makeup, and special effects at 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21, between the matinee and evening performances. A lifelong educator, Haddy has been called the “Emeril Lagasse of Special Make Up Effects instructors.” Haddy attended The Joe Blasco Make Up Artist Training Center in Hollywood and immediately began working for Alterian Studios Inc. under world class effects artist Tony Gardner, where he had the opportunity to work on such big budget movies as Batman and Robin, There’s Something About Mary and Contact.

*Note: RJ Haddy will be giving a special lecture next Saturday (11/21) in the Philbin at 6:00 pm.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Locks in Usher Locker Room

locksIn response to the goons who wandered into our locker room during the last Game Day Mass, we have purchased some master locks. If you are bringing anything of value with you to the locker room for your shift, please feel free to borrow one for the shift. We have purchased 6 locks so on a busy shift we’d ask that you share a locker, with hopefully someone trustworthy!

We will have the locks in the locker room numbered from #1 to #6. Please write your name next to the number of the lock you have on the white dry erase board that is next to the mirror. Each lock has a key so please after using the lock, keep the key with you during the shift. After the shift please return the lock and the key and take your, undoubtedly safe, belongings. Also please don’t leave anything overnight in the lockers, as to avoid the locker room becoming the YMCA.


Halloween Fun!

Last Month for our LA Theatre Works: Dracula performance the ushers and staff had a little fun getting into the Halloween spirit. Some would say they had too much fun!




Reynaldo, Phyllis L. and Ashley sure make a motley crew!






I’m sure Megan got this mask at a strange private party she attended years ago.






Student Lizzie is preparing her career at Target if the Notre Dame degree doesn’t work out!






Bob is the stealth vampire!






Student Monica is prepping (and primping!) for game day.




JoLynn will tell you your future. Your future being to please sign up for Little Shop of Horrors shifts next weekend!




Special thanks to John and Cheryl for the pictures. We should all dress up for every shift! I’ll run it by the new Executive Director when they’re hired.