TIP OF THE WEEK: MET Opera Perks Changes

570x300_metThe MET Operas have started up again this month and we want to let you know of some changes to the Usher Perks for these screenings. Previously many of the Operas had encores in the same season and you had access to comp tickets to these. The Operas this season do not have encores so they are only being shown once. Adding to this is that we’ve gotten word that the theatres in town are no longer showing the Operas, so attendance at the Browning will increase. We have already noticed this increase in sales for the Opera that was screened on October 3rd.

The new policy is as follows: any usher can get two free tickets for any MET Opera but only at the Ticket Office on the day of the Opera and also only if the ticket sales are not approaching sold out. This will be at Ticket Office’s discretion, but the general guideline is if the house is under 90% sold. For all screenings Ticket Office will open 1 hour prior to show time.

Before coming down for an Opera, please feel free to call the ticket office beforehand at 574-631-2800 to see how ticket sales are doing so you can gauge whether you’d be able to get comp tickets.


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