NEWSLETTER ARTICLE: RECAP: Ice Cream Social/ Evacuation Training/ Perks Cards and Vouchers


It was great seeing so many of you at the Ice Cream Social on Tuesday. Sorry you had to endure the wait to get ice cream, but doesn’t that just make the ice cream taste that much better? Look forward to not having ice cream again until next year! (Sure…)

IMG_7188To recap, it was nice to see all of you, as well as Anna and Ted. Big event! We got the Top 2! A few of our new student ushers made it. We look forward to getting to know them over the year. New employee Ryan Retartha stopped by. For those of you who weren’t there, he is the new Production Manager, replacing our old friend Doug.


Evacuation Training: We know Evacuation Training wasn’t the in depth seminar that the subject may require, but getting to see all the exits was the priority and hopefully that answered many questions you’d had about evacuating the building. All ushers who attended and the ushers who didn’t, please feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding evacuation. A great time would be at any briefings before your shifts. As it is the subject of September training, the house managers will spend extra time in this month’s briefings to cover evacuation procedures.

Usher Recipe Books: A special thanks to Molly G. and Dan S. for getting the usher recipe books together. If you didn’t receive one please pick one up at your next shift. They will be in the Usher Locker Room. I will have tried all the dessert recipes by the end of the day.

DPAC Perks Cards / Vouchers: At the social we also handed out our DPAC Perks Cards for 2015-16 and Student Price Ticket Vouchers for Fall 2015. If you weren’t at the social, you can pick up the cards from a house manager during any of your shifts. If you’d like one sooner, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements.


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